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Impressive PDF & Traditional Brochures

Make a powerful impression and grab attention for your business.

Brochures are your chance to provide clients and prospects with a tangible explanation of your key services and benefits. ImageWorks offers comprehensive packages that help you to develop and produce high quality, effective brochures.

Downloadable PDF brochures have become a standard business tool for small business marketers. Prospects can print it, take it with them, and forward it to their boss. Incredibly viral and social, ImageWorks believes that this is a must-have medium!

Business brochures may not be as effective as they were 10-15 years ago, but they still serve an important function as something to hand out and leave behind! These brochures must include a concise explanation of key corporate information and explain the benefits of your products or services. In addition, they should direct your prospects toward conversion goals and give the reader a method of interacting with your brand. ImageWorks offers several styles of business brochures, including over-sized options, booklet-style choices, and saddle-stitched brochures.

What exactly is a “sales kit?”

To sum it up, a sales kit is a well-structured folder brochure that usually features interactive inserts that allow updates and customization. A pamphlet, sales sheet, or even a tri-fold brochure often accompanies the sales kit. The point is to represent a brand synergy that informs the viewer that this company cares about their image and therefore their clients!

Why do they work?

When designed properly, sales kits are interactive! An effective sales kit will introduce the company and its core offerings through the perspective of how they will benefit the customer. The great thing about sales kits is that they can be regularly updated to keep up with current trends and concerns. In addition, sales kits can include a highly persuasive call-to-action.


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Other Branding Services


is the art of defining who you are, while becoming likeable and trustable. It translates into brand assets and starts what we refer to as the “brand experience”.

We design, sell, and rent some of the best booths manufactured, together with full design and marketing services to support your next event.

Business strategy and user experience planning services

Everything begins with strategy – a solid foundation to drive your web, marketing and branding successes.

Custom logo design services

A company moves forward with a forward-thinking brand. Make your mark with a tailored marque.

Professional copywriting services

Make your marketing compelling and encourage sales with strategic and insightful copy.

Business stationery design, custom MS Word template design

Reinforce your brand across every platform, from business cards and envelopes to PowerPoint and Word templates.

PDF brochures and sales kits for your business

Whether you use online brochures, print brochures or both, this is a must have business tool!

Video production and presentation services

Nothing gets viewed more or ranks higher than videos and interactive presentations. Check out all our packages!

Infographic design and marketing

Infographic design uses sets of data that are displayed in a way that is “seen” rather than “read.” Nothing is better for online visibility.



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