Email Marketing: The #1 Marketing & Nurturing Tactic for Most Businesses

With an incredible 50 to 1 ROI (*Marketing Sherpa), email is the #1 marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes. You'll be amazed at the efficiency (and affordability) of this powerful marketing platform! Customers need to hear from you 5-7 times before they recognize your brand or even take note of one single value proposition. Email marketing is part of your overall content marketing plan and strategy which covers all your content outreach: Blogging, email campaigns, social marketing, press releases and more. You can learn more here.


Which Types of Email Campaigns Do You Need?

Customer/Prospect List Campaigns This is how you build loyal followers and encourage interested prospects. Sign-up forms and lead magnets on your website, social sites, and blogs will all help grow your list. Many people find value in purchasing a qualified list from a reputable broker that matches your target customers.
Client Email Campaigns Often forgotten and probably the most important email that should go out at least once per month. Your current customers are the most likely to buy from you and refer you to friends. It's imperative they are kept up-to-date on your latest offerings, news, services, etc.
Employee Targeted Campaigns Communicating with your employees is paramount for success. It builds morale within the team and lets you share valuable insight and information with your most vital assets.
Lead Nurturing “drip” Campaigns A pre-written series designed to educate and stimulate your prospects in accordance with your core offerings and brand message. These are pre-written and fully automated. We include these in most of our plans, and you can use a new series for each customer segment, promotional period, etc.
Offers/Coupon Emails These email marketing campaigns serve as the vital touchpoint between current customers and prospects. Use them to educate, share insight, show expertise, or provide an offer, coupon or special. We plan these for you, write the copy, design, code, as well as send them out for you on an approved email platform.
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How often should you email? Well, that depends on your goals. You can start with as little as 1 per month for each style of email you determine is needed for your business. We recommended 2-5 touches per month, but it's okay to start small and measure the success and add to the program over time.

How our Content is Written

We work with you to choose topics based on areas of interest, offers, specials, industry awareness, and specific conversion or communications goals. We use brevity to ensure the most important aspects of your message are highlighted, and the content is easy to absorb for the target audience. 

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