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Email Marketing Campaigns

"There simply is no better way to stay in touch with a large amount of prospects."

This powerful marketing tool is used to keep in touch with clients; introduce new products and services; announce staff changes, upcoming events and awards; and communicate anything your prospects might find interesting.  Engage, engage, engage!

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the return on investment (ROI) for each dollar spent on e-mail marketing is $57.25. This makes e-mail marketing the highest ROI across all marketing channels.

ImageWorks Email Marketing Services (A 3 Step Process)

  1. Customized Email Design – Our designs will match your existing brand and include many interactive features. Additionally, your new custom email templates can be coded in HTML and tested in Outlook 2003,  2007 and 2010.
  2. Email Content Development & Distribution – Many clients simply don’t have the time or resources to write interesting and informative campaigns. Our creative team will help you choose a topic, discuss and refine the idea, and write the article that you want.
  3. Email Lead Nurturing Program - Designed to further educate, impress and cause interaction for interested customers. 


Learn from the Fortune 1000...

How do large companies leverage the power of email marketing? They have entire teams dedicated to this powerful tool because they realize its extraordinary value. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a 56/1 ROI?

We have plans to help you market like larger companies on a small business budget. How? We will design your template or custom email and provide you with creative ideas for messaging, offers, landing pages, promotions, etc. We will even write the copy for you! No need to staff an entire creative team, we can handle this for you for less than the price of one single employee! Much less.

Other Marketing Services


is the art of making others aware of what you do, boosting awareness and sales. Marketing drives in customers that have a need and want to learn more about you.

Online marketing firm menu of services

There are so many options and technologies to use when marketing and advertising your company, we thought we would drop a nice little overview on you. We also included some ballpark price ranges to help you budget.

Search engine optimization (SEO) online marketing services

Successful SEO requires insightful content marketing. Things like blogging, sharing, Infographics, videos, etc. See how it works.

Professional blogging and content marketing services

Every business, no matter the size, should make a serious commitment to content marketing.

Search engine marketing services, online marketing firm.

With so many queries looking for solutions, it’s crucial to bring your website to the top! ImageWorks will show you how using Google's advertising options.

Social media marketing plans, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing

Stay in touch and keep your customers engaged on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

Email marketing plans, email marketing services

Get a huge ROI with email marketing that stimulates your target market!

Tradeshow marketing packages, trade show marketing materials

It's withstood the test of time. And even after the web stole its thunder in the late 90s, traditional marketing and advertising are again on the rise...



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