Your Company Name And Tagline Form the Foundation of Your Brand Identity.

Is your brand on solid ground?

Guess what? You can control how prospects perceive you! Your brand name and tagline work together to help a prospect decide if your company is worth learning more about. For example, your prospects might wonder:

  1. What type of company is this anyway?
  2. Is it likely that they offer something that I need or want?
  3. Is this a company I can trust?
  4. Can I picture myself doing business with this company?

What’s in an effective name and tagline?

A successful name and tagline balance each other out. For example, you might have a very straightforward, descriptive name, such as Smith, Jones, Johnson Law Firm. Great! We know you’re a law firm with three partners! But what makes you different from any other law firm? A company like this one needs a creative tagline that defines what makes it unique.

On the other hand, your company name might be so abstract that it provides no clue as to what you do! Let’s say, for example, that your company’s name is Quest Solutions. You likely need a tagline that clearly describes what type of solutions you offer.

Nowhere is naming and tagline development more important than on the web! When a prospect visits your site, you have about 7 seconds to wow them. Within the first half of the first second, you’ve got to make it clear that they’ve come to the right place. An effective name and tagline can provide that immediate connection.

Furthermore, it is crucial to consider your URL when naming an online business. If your company name or tagline describes what you do and you can use one or the other as your URL, you give your chances of being found online a huge boost! Lots of details here, but trust us on this one!

So how do we help you select the right business name and tagline?

We begin with a discovery process that gives us insight into your business, customers, and unique value proposition. During this process, we consider how your customers find you and the types of words or phrases they may use to describe what you do. Once we identify these keywords, we strive to creatively work these phrases into a name and URL that will help your customers to find you more easily.

As soon as we gain a clear vision of your business, we begin our brainstorming process. Our team mulls over your company’s name as we drive our cars, lock ourselves in the ImageWorks conference room, or exercise at the gym. Eventually, we’ll draft a list of our name ideas and then narrow it down to our 10-20 favorites. At this point, you’ll get the chance to review our suggestions. Together, we’ll refine and revise until we come up with a name that you love!

Once a brand name is established, we transition to focusing on a tagline. Most likely, we’ll already have some taglines in mind since our name brainstorming takes this step into consideration as well. If you already have a name, no worries! We can still create a great tagline to go with it. Like the naming process, our tagline creation system includes discovery, brainstorming, presentation, refinement, and approval.

Let’s build a great foundation for your brand by creating a strong name and tagline. Here’s where you can get started!

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