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Your customers expect it. Google demands it. That’s right, we’re talking about authentic, timely content that positions you as a thought leader within your industry and puts you in front of both customers and prospects. Content marketing is the number one tactic for growth on the web.

The Types of Content We Create:

  • Custom-written blog articles focused on trending content, with embedded call-to-actions (CTAs) and SEO keywords (research and revisions are included). These articles take time, require the right niched writer, and are based on mutually-approved topics. For highly technical companies, like biomedical research organizations or software providers, see note below.
  • Wordsmithing and conversion optimization from provided content. For companies with technical or complex offerings where the content is better developed in-house by industry authorities, we can optimize your content for readability, conversion tactics, SEO, and layout, then add imagery and promote! As an alternative, we also interview a designated “expert source” at your company and then write the article with that first-hand insight.
  • Finding and sharing third-party content with an intro and/or unique perspective. This is the best way to share new content. It is recommended that at least 50-70% of your content is from outside sources. We know you’re pretty great, but social media is like a cocktail party conversation: a little variety is good.
  • Choose or design imagery to match provided content, format  and publish as instructed. (Good for companies that have in-house writers)
  • Both company and industry news. Give us the basics and we'll spruce it up and release it!
  • Announcements and reviews for new products and services.
  • Re-purpose or newly promote existing site content to keep key services in front of your audience.
  • Interview of employee or key partners, vendors, and stakeholders.
  • *Infographics and slide shows are a viral, enticing bit of shared media (slide shows are 10 or less slides).
  • *Paid press releases with AP visibility and SEO promotion via PRWebb.
  • *Videos – Ah, the almighty video. Creating and cleverly distributing 1-4 videos per year is a winning idea.

*Premium content.

Frequency & Cost

Once a month just isn’t enough to be remembered. It takes 4-5 contacts to even get a passing glance! For this reason, our plans are based on total yearly distribution, 12-48 touches a year. Once you have chosen your frequency and the types of content that are best for your business growth, we create a custom plan that shares your messages with the world! Some content types (denoted as 'premium' above) are more expensive than others, so a solid blend is a great idea. Below we have created a mix of our most commonly requested services:

Sample Content Plan with 30 Touches

  • 2 Infographics
  • 4 Priority paid press releases (PRWebb)
  • 6 Original or optimized content pieces from provided drafts
  • 4 Company news pieces (quarterly summary of notable news)
  • 10 Shared content pieces from industry content sources
  • 4 Articles re-purposing a subpage and getting it back in front of targets

The costs for a similar plan would range from $800-$1,100 per month. The value to your brand image and the viral reach potential is unlimited!

How We Publish Your Content:

  • Blog & Ping – Ping notifies influencers of new blog content. We also can handle posting all your content for you on your website's blog.
  • Press Releases – These are released via PR Webb and copied to your blog and social channels.
  • Infographics and Slide Shows – This interactive media is released on your blog, as well as our network of promotional channels, including LinkedIn and SlideShare.
  • Email – Reach your email list (customers, people who have expressed interest in your business, etc.) with an intelligent and captivating emailer design that is coded and tested for your email distribution platform. Free push if using MailChimp, as well.
  • Social Media Marketing – Have all your content shared socially on your chosen social channels (up to 3) by our team of experts. We will write “teaser text” and link your content with engaging graphics.

It all starts with a plan!

Click below to discuss content marketing with us. We can help you decide which plan is best for your company’s growth.


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