Overview of Marketing Services

There are so many options and technologies to use when marketing and advertising your company, we thought we would provide a little overview for you. We have also included ballpark price ranges to help you budget. Here’s what you need to know:

Marketing & Advertising usually = lead generation and (perceived) brand equity.

Want more customers? Don’t we all! For best results, you should set a budget between 3-10%, on average, of your gross sales. If you underspend, you won’t attract all the customers you could have, and obviously, overspending is wasteful. Try to find a comfortable balance:

Top 8 Online & Offline Marketing & Advertising Strategies

  1. Organic Search Engine Optimization(SEO) In short, SEO helps you show up in Google’s SERPs for matching keywords. It’s essential for all businesses and organizations. Budgets range from $700/month to over $10,000/month depending on your size and markets.
  2. Paid Online AdvertisingGoogle’s smart. They know most people find everything online and they dominate the space. From pay-per-click ads based on keywords, to display ads targeting various niches and behaviors, Google has awesome and affordable options. Additionally, most social media sites have very cool advertising options that can target your customers.  $2-5,000 per month per $1 million in sales is a good starting budget. You will be able to measure ROI and adjust.
  3. Email MarketingThe best ROI of all tactics! Emails are something we all know we have to do each day…that’s where we get information. Some may say social networks, and in some circles that’s true, but most businesses don’t look on Facebook or Twitter to find vendors. Grow a list of organic prospects through your site, social media, and other marketing activities, then make sure you have a plan to reach them 2-5 times per month with EXCEPTIONAL offers and helpful content. Email marketing is cheap - once you have a template you can do it in house or outsource it to us for $200-$500 per piece depending on copy and design styles needed.
  4. Blogging and Content Marketing Sharing relevant content with your customers and prospects is essential in today’s marketing ecosystem. These count as “touches” with your customers and they will also bolster your organic SEO. Provide content that will solve customers’ pain points, help them understand how something works, explain your product and service benefits, or anything that could be timely and of use. Content types include articles, press releases, infographics, videos….to name a few. ImageWorks has packages starting at $650 per month so you can sit back, relax, and know you are constantly nurturing your customer base.
  5. Social Media Marketing & Updating Engaging with your customers and fans on various social networks is essential to marketing success in 2015. People spend the majority of their time online using social media, and companies need to keep up if they want to stay relevant. You need to make sure your brand is represented well on these sites AND constantly updated as these media giants often have 5-10 style and functionality updates per year. What’s the best strategy? Create ultra-cool (Hipsters demand it!) and unique designs within the media and commit to what you can actually produce. If you only interact once a month, it's of no value. Use short updates and share relevant articles, infographics, pictures, re-purposed subpages, news, videos, etc. This can be done in-house or outsourced. It’s tough to do a great job keeping this task in-house, and the time your employee loses may cost more than if outsourced. Give us a call! We have monthly subscription plans starting at less than $500 per month.
  6. Local & Offer Based SEO Landing Pages Whether you need to rank for certain keywords in various cities in your service area, or you want to promote an event, sale, offer, or insight, you will need a landing page designed to fulfill that exact intent. We create search engine optimized landing pages using a proven methodology to get ranked in your market place.
  7. Trade Show Marketing Of all the offline media we love trade show marketing the most. It's specific, focused, and allows you to get in front of hundreds of people each day. The problem is most companies don’t have a plan to pre-market and post-market the event. Many times the branding message and customer experience are disappointing and seem thrown together. ImageWorks provides all kinds of trade show design, marketing, and fulfillment services.
  8. Direct Mail & Print Ads – Another awesome offline media. Getting the right piece of media in front of the right audience can grab a prospects attention and make a memorable impression. Additionally ads and mailers can be used to target specific audiences of various sizes and demographics and are used to drive relevant traffic to your website or phones. Budgets vary with the size of the target audience, but plan on $1.00 - $5.00 per piece pending its size and complexity.

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"We have been extremely happy with their creativeness and are very proud of what they have done for us on our web presence."

"This [design] is phenomenal! Your team has blown me and my expectations away at every phase! I can hardly wait to start marketing."

"A big thank you for an amazing website! I absolutely love it! You and your team did a great job! Fabulous work ... I have been bragging about it to everyone!"

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