Website Redesign & Overhauls

Imagine you're cooking dinner. You may have all the right ingredients, but something just doesn’t taste quite right. Sometimes a sprinkle of pepper, a touch of saffron, or dash of hot sauce can make all the difference. That's a lot like a website redesign & refresh!

It's a whole lot cheaper than starting from scratch because many of the "ingredients" are already there. We simply use our years of web design and user experience optimization to recommend tweaks to your existing site design and content that will make your site taste – ahem, perform – better.

Proven Results

We’ve been researching this for decades. There are certain ways to strategically organize your site so that customers respond more favorably. And happy customers are paying customers! If we’re giving your site a redesign, we look at usability touch-points like:

  • Menus and Navigation.  Size, categories, subcategories, what they suggest, and how they display and function. Seems simple, but we find it’s often executed poorly.
  • Hero Area. The customer’s first impression of who you are, what you do, and why they should care.
  • “Scan-able” Sections of the Homepage. that highlight key information and calls-to-action.
  • Vital Information.  How is information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and calls-to-action (CTAs) are displayed?
  • Are Subpages Easy to Navigate? Are CTAs located properly? Is there easy navigation to jump to other pages of interests? Are services cross-promoted?
  • Is the Contact Page Up to Usability Standards? Is key data where it should be? Are your forms too long or too short?
  • Does the Site use Carousels and Sliders? Many customers perceive these as distracting and spammy.
  • Is Your Site Fully Responsive? Does it scale for notebooks, tablets, and smart phones properly? What information is shown and not shown? What is essential for conversions on mobile?

Phew! That’s a lot. But each point may affect your company’s bottom line. When we tweak or overhaul your existing website, we explore these points and many more. Hungry yet? Get in touch for a live review of your site and some free expert tips or fill out the form below!

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