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In a perfect world with unlimited budgets and resources every company would build a custom website. It’s the best of the best. A custom website is built from scratch just for you company after an in depth discovery and strategy meeting. Here is some key info about building a truly custom website

We will be straight forward and let you know most custom websites start at $10,000. If your budgets are less, we have several options. Click here to see them all. The average small-medium sized custom website takes at least 100 hours.

  • Custom websites are built mobile first, then desktop and further customized to be responsive for all devices. This takes a lot of time to do right.
  • We build our sites in Drupal or WordPress CMS. (Content Management System) Giving you full control of your site
  • All designs are created by our award winning team of graphic designers in Photoshop. The comp you see will match you final site almost identically.
  • The coding is done by our Sr. development team via a proven workflow process we have perfected over our 20 years in business.
  • We usually include animations to capture the eye and move through the user experience in a methodology that allows key content to pop when it should.

The result: A user-focused website experience that impresses and engages your customers. And that equals revenue growth when combined with smart marketing tactics.    

Here’s a nifty fact:

Nearly 97% of your customers will come to your website before, during or after their first contact with you to get a feel for what you’re about, how you stack up to alternatives, and why they should choose you to provide a solution.

Here’s another nifty fact:

"46.1% of people say a website's design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company"

-Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

Your website is one of the most important extensions of your business, because it:

  1. Integrates your business and conversion strategy.
  2. Helps your customers find vital information for justifying purchase.
  3. Propels your marketing and nurturing programs to create value, trust and credibility.
  4. Tracks conversions and predicts revenue growth.

This is why you need an established, proven web design company with over 2 decades of experience to get it right. It’s certainly not a task to be sent offshore, assigned to an overworked and underqualified internal resource, given to a friend of the family, or even asked of a freelancer.

Are you ready For a Custom Website?

When you are ready to invest in creating a customer experience that changes the way your business is perceived, we would love to talk with you!

In fact, we offer a FREE UX (user experience) review of your current site. We will break down the good, the bad, and the ugly and then tell you how to fix it with some of our top-secret tips and strategies.

Cool right? We’re practically dripping in awesome sauce. Get started RIGHT HERE.

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