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This is How We Do SEO the Right Way!

SEO is extremely complicated. The web and SERPs (search engines result pages) change every minute. It is a lot of work to analyze, test, and optimize your site each month to keep up with the evolving web and Google Algorithm changes. We start with a plan and test it on Google and other platforms each month, using our custom agency tools. We also check out what your competitors are doing and develop strategies to outrank them.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first."

— Wendy Piersall

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Initial SEO Setup

  • Keyword Research & Discovery - Finding the right, obtainable keywords takes expertise and collaboration. We work with you and continue to update your list based on live analytics. This list is started right after your Discovery meeting, launching your SEO plan.
  • Website Audit - A full audit if you have a current or new site.
  • Assign Keywords - To the best matching pages on your site.
  • Install & Manage Google Analytics - And enter goals defined in Discovery.
  • Set-Up (If needed) Verify and Basic Optimization for GoogleMyBusiness. This is one of your most important online assets. You can see our advanced plans here:
  • Install & Provide CrazyEgg Heat Mapping - Views are available online via your ImageWorks Insights portal.
  • Implement Our Custom On-Page SEO Strategies - For each target page. Optimize both the metadata and on-page content. Analyze and adjust with Google updates and competitor landscape, as needed.
  • Set Up & Manage Google Search Console Webmaster Tools - Plus, sitemap set-up and optimization.
  • Review Schema - Or the framework that indexes information for websites.
  • Technical SEO Optimization - All the SEO activities, excluding content optimization and link building. Things like page speed, link structure, CSS, mobile compatibility, sitemaps, snippets, and much more!

This setup will be adjusted constantly based on initial results.

Ongoing SEO Throughout The Year

  • Ongoing Keyword Optimization & SEO Monitoring for Enrolled Pages - SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it science. It needs to evolve based on the habits of your users, the performance of your target keywords, strategies of competitors, and daily adjustments to Google's Algorithm. Throughout the year, we make adjustments to improve your rank. If a major page overhaul is needed, we will contact you and brainstorm ideas to both better resonate with your users and rank higher in search results.
  • Build Citations - These are authority sites, ranked to a standard by Google, that will increase your domain and page rank over time. There are millions to consider, so it’s an ongoing job.
  • Local (Area) SEO - Listing Management for one (1) location and is a paid subscription we cover in our plan. This is the digital footprint of your business and includes most major site directories. The Listing Management tool harnesses the Yext Knowledge Network to publish data across all the most popular directories and intelligent services including Facebook, Google, Yelp, Citysearch Foursquare, Superpages, TripAdvisor, Apple Maps, Yahoo, Bing, and hundreds more. Most recently, Yext added Amazon Alexa to the Knowledge Network. It allows us to share both overview and keywords on a per site basis, which we monitor continually. Add as many as you like for an additional $165 per month, per location.
  • Daily Site Crawls to Fix Ongoing SEO Issues - Due to the nature of today's web, all sites have errors or bugs. Cyber criminals and hackers constantly add more every minute. Bad URLs, missing SERP info, W3C issues, redirects, etc.. We crawl, monitor, and fix these continually.
  • Site Audits & Site Health Optimization - Although our SEO focuses on the 5+ pages you include in your plan, we audit and monitor your overall site and keep it as healthy as possible. We measure crawlability, warnings, notices, page load times, metadata errors, corruption, and more. This is critical.
  • Continued Technical SEO - See above description in setup. Technical SEO must be studied, updated, and worked on continually.
  • Optimize Images - Throughout your site to help overall SEO.
  • Create Internal Linking Structures - throughout your site that aligns with your keyword strategy.
  • Online Account & Access to Our Back-End Software - ImageWorks Insights. Our Insights portal provides 24/7 reporting and analytics for your SEO and most online marketing strategies such as email marketing, digital advertising, call tracking, content marketing, and more.

In order for the above tactics to earn top ranks for competitive terms, you need to also publish highly relevant content and have it shared on the web. This content is a major “vote” of credibility and is the only way to rank on competitive terms. That content is usually blog posts. We can do SEO and Content Optimization as well as add images to your blog posts for $150 per post, or you can have us write your blog articles for you! See our blogging content plans here.

Our standard, organic SEO plan starts by focusing on five key pages and 20-25 keywords. You can scale the number of pages up or down, depending on your budget and the impact you desire. This plan is perfect for most businesses, as link building is not always needed unless you are trying to rank for highly competitive terms. See below.

Link Building. For more competitive terms, the on-page and maintenance plan to the left will also need the benefit of link building from strong citation sites and sites that rank well for similar target terms. We have link building plans starting from just $400 per month!

What Makes SEO Important? Well...that’s a little complicated

SEO products


As you can see a TON of work goes into our SEO plans. Our digital marketing agency has plans that start at just $595 per month for 10 KW total and 2 pages. Each page (and keyword) you add to the plan increases the cost. Our most popular plan includes 5 total pages and 25 total keywords. You can adjust the pages and keyword count to match your goals, or add more at any time!

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Extra location pages:

If you have multiple locations, we will need to purchase more local citation plans, set up a GoogleMyBusiness page for each, and build an HTML page to rank well for each location with location-specific keywords and content, then manage/update each month. The cost for this is $165 per month per location, with discounts available for more than 10 locations.

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