It's 2015! Every business needs to make a commitment to content and social marketing.

Content marketing is how you position your company as a thought leader and innovator. It's how you share relevant news, updates, sales, offers, and events with your target audience. It works hand-in-hand with your search engine ranking and the online value and credibility of your business. It’s essential.

Smaller businesses often think they don’t need to leverage content and social marketing, that they are too small. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The smaller you are, the more you need to establish your brand and build your online “street cred.” Think about it this way: you have an awesome and relevant business that more people should know about…so tell them!

Here's how we do it. Our starter package gets your blog and social marketing going. Then choose add-ons that can really leverage the power of content marketing.

Content Pro plan:

  • We will work with you to plan a content strategy for the year based on your customers’ pain points and your various value propositions.
  • Create new content. Each month (we may propose numerous ideas initially) we will present you with topics relevant in your industry based on trending data or other goals for for us to research, write, review, and revise. We normally include one article per month, which is noted below.
  • Find trending topics and articles we can sharefrom non-competitive sources such as trade associations and industry news. Additionally we can write short “reviews or takes” on such articles to show you company’s position and thoughts on the subject matter. The value here is in sharing helpful information your customers will remember and find value in.   
  • We will also write and publish 1 paid press release on a priority AP synchronized engine.
  • Blog marketing: PING your latest blog articles to our partner networks. This lets everyone know something new is posted, and increases the chances of sharing by a bazillion.
  • Share/republish your articlesover all of your main social channels.
  • Repurpose your site content. It takes several visits remember a fraction of your message. Marketing data tells us we must reach out with smaller “bite-sized” nuggets of relevant information. For this reason we will share your main story and other important pages with your customers 1-2 times per month.

We can add more articles at any time. We recommend 1-2 original content pieces per month combined with the above options which will give us a total of 4-7 touches per month. (Enough to be remembered and build value, but infrequent enough not to be annoying.)

Additional Content you can add to your plan:

  • Press releases that go on AP wire through our partners: PRWeb and PR Newswire. $750 each which includes writing and paying the premium distribution fee. Free press releases don’t work! They are spam.
  • Infographics. $1,500-$2,500 pending complexity. Nothing gets shared more or catches interest better than an infographic. Learn more here:
  • Video. Video is hot! But you knew that right? Video is one of the best content pieces that you can both share and use to make brand impressions or build value in your services or products. Simple videos start at $2,500. Learn more here:
  • PowerPoint Presentations. Not only do you use them as tools, but you can share them on your website, blog, and social networks. LinkedIn even has a special plugin for presentations via SlideShare. From $1,200.

You can check out this article in the Huffington post for a detailed explanation as to why content marketing is essential for businesses:


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