More qualified traffic + more prospects = more business.

And you only pay for actual site visits. Sounds like a no-brainer.

What is PPC?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is defined as an advertising model in which the advertiser only pays the host when their ad is clicked. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use a bid-based model in search engine result pages for their paid advertisements in which the advertiser bids on keywords (based on research) to achieve the highest ranking amongst their competitors.

The image below illustrates a Google search engine result page, or SERP, and how results are broken down.  As you may notice, roughly 40% of the page above the fold is dedicated to paid advertising. 


Visual Direction 1

How we do it—The ImageWorks PPC Program 

Here is how our system works: 

  • First we research and identify up to 500 keywords that we feel will bring us targeted and qualified traffic (without spending $50 per click!).
  • Next, we categorize these keywords into groups based on your offerings so we can write ads and calls-to-action that are directly tied to that offering. Ads are then reviewed and approved.
  • Bid Strategy—now, based on our categories, we will formulate a bid strategy aligned with your budget. This strategy will get us near the top of the page, while avoiding the high cost of the ultra-competitive keywords; we will find the sweet spot between CPC (cost-per-click) and placement on the first page. For example, we may elect to target positions #3-7 for 99 cents, rather than bid $12 to get the #1 position.
  • Test and Launch Campaign.
  • Manage bids; improve/revise ads based on customer behavior. (Ongoing)

Cost $2,000 plus 20% of ad spend for management (optional)  

Why should I try it?

Because it is EXTREMELY effective and provides immediate traffic and results. With a PPC campaign, we can launch your services and within minutes your ad will be displayed under relevant keywords YOUR CUSTOMERS are searching every day. 

Pay-Per-Click is one of the top three ROI marketing strategies (Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Guide). What’s great about PPC is that you only pay when somebody wants to commit to seeing your website and learn more about what you do.  In other words, you don’t pay for tire-kickers. Also your “ad” is exposed for free...thousands can see your content and even your URL, but you only pay if they click through. That doesn’t happen in traditional advertising mediums.  

So how do you get started?  By contacting us today so we can start driving leads your way!  

Boost Your Sales with Google AdWords Express!

Save $100 OFF Your AdWords Express Campaign with ImageWorks!

Whoa hold your horses, what the heck is Google AdWords Express? We get it; you are a business operator, not an MIS engineer. Simply put, Google AdWords Express allows you to advertise within the allocated local search result space (and with priority placement!) via the Google Map application. Let us show you what we mean:


Google and Google partners are now offering $100 credit for you to try Google AdWords Express. Here are some requirements and advantages:

  • You need a physical address—P.O. Boxes do not work.
  • You only pay when ads are clicked, AND you can set your own budget.
  • You can measure ad effectiveness using Google Analytics.

ImageWorks will brainstorm compelling advertising ideas and create your ads, as well as test and manage your campaigns. Each quarter we will meet with you online or at our facility to evaluate your ad’s performance and make any required enhancements to maximize your spend. Here is a summary of the services included:

  • Set up your Google Places and AdWords Express accounts under our master account
  • Write compelling ad copy that will get you noticed (up to 3 ads)
  • Insert images into your ads (up to 3 ads)
  • Meet with you quarterly to evaluate and modify ads 


We use a plethora of tools to determine search volume, average cost per click, and global and local competition based on the keywords, and implement keywords that will convert into sales for your business.
Research and choose up to 500 keyword phrases
We make sure our ad-groups are tightly themed and highly relevant to your business - ensuring that they show up in the paid listings and that you get better Quality Scores within the AdWords system.
Create relevant groups and write multiple targeted ads for each
We determine which keywords and which ad groups will yield the best ROI and develop highly advanced bidding strategies to leverage a combination of factors that determines where your ad will be placed, and how much you will spend.
Create bidding strategy & implement
We will test your AdWords campaign to see if it's working properly and determine what keywords your AdWords campaigns will show up for. When everything is approved, we launch your campaigns and immediately gain you web visibility with the click of a button.
Test & launch
We will monitor you campaigns and make sure that everything is up and running smoothing. We will optimize as necessary and add features, campaigns, or new product or service listings upon request.
Manage bids, improve/revise ads as required (*billed at 20% of spend)
We will improve your landing pages so they are optimized with the targeted keywords in created campaigns and will continue to optimize as needed. By performing ongoing optimization of landing pages and Ad Relevance, we increase your keyword quality scores so that you are paying less for higher ad positions.
Analyze landing pages & work on raising Google's Quality Score

So What should you do next?

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