Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO is the art of optimizing your website so that your products and services are FOUND in the top of Google's organic search results. This is done using various tactics both on-page and off-page - and it’s based on an algorithm that includes thousands of ranking factors that are constantly changing. It requires experts working together for your unique brand, not a commodity broker offering canned solutions through aggressive tactics. 

Why You Need an SEO Plan:

More Qualified Traffic + Better User Experience= More Sales

Achieving top placement in Google’s search results for qualified keyword phrases is the best way to attract prospective customers and build online credibility. Google’s algorithm includes thousands of ranking factors, and it changes every day. A continuous, well-planned effort is required to stay on top of the trends, strategies, and updates.

How We Do It:

SEO is extremely complicated. Even if we just focus on on-page metrics and best practices, there is a lot of work to perform, test, and optimize each month. Adding some keywords in meta fields isn’t going to get you ranked at all. We start with a plan and we test it on Google and other platforms each month, while also checking out what competitors are doing and developing strategies to outrank them. It’s a process:

  • Base plan starts by focusing on 5 key pages and 20-25 keywords. You can scale the number of pages up or down, pending your budget and impact you desire.
  • Keyword research & discovery.
  • Assign keywords to best match pages.
  • Implement our custom on-page SEO strategies for each page. Optimize continually, based on rankings and page score through our SEO software and tools.
  • Webmaster tools (Google Search Console) & site map set-up and optimization.
  • Schema– a framework that indexesinformation for websites.
  • Build Citations. These are authority sites, ranked to a standard by Google, that will increase your domain and page rank over time. There are millions to consider, so it’s an ongoing job.
  • Local SEO set-up and optimization for (1) location. This is the digital footprint of your business.
  • Create meta data for non SEO target pages
  • SEO Performance Report.

Note: In order for the above tactics to earn top ranks for competitive terms, you need to also publish highly relevant content and have it shared on the web. These count as major “votes” and are the only way to rank for competitive terms. Here is a link to our marketing plans, which will get you started.


Few companies will share their cost without first starting a lengthy sales pitch. We like to be more transparent. SEO is a no brainer investments.

  • Home page (Your best ranking page) $300 month
  • Additional subpages or location pages $100 per month each
  • Most of our plans are for 5 pages or more, but you can start with just your "home page" if you prefer.

Based on your contract there may be a onetime set fee. Clients that choose more than one marketing service get this fee waived. Larger sites, over 30 pages with multiple locations please call for a custom quote, as your SEO can be quite complicated.



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