Social Media for YOUR Business

Social Media Marketing is a HUGE bucket. What does it mean to your business? What strategies should you employ?

Businesses today understand how important it is to “get social” by engaging with their customers and fans on various social networking sites.  People spend the majority of their time online using social media, and companies need to keep up if they want to stay relevant.  Unfortunately, with so many different places to engage and advertise, maintaining active (and interesting!) social profiles can quickly start to feel like a full time job!  Here are some tips:

  • Dedicate an employee who has the time to manage, update and engage customers socially through the top networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and even Pinterest if applicable.
  • Use tools like to integrate your social networks and manage your social marketing.  We do it manually for better results, but it does save a lot of time to use an automation tool.
  • Hire us and take a long lunch and relax. We got your back.

Social Marketing 101: What to do and why to do it

Some social sites may be a waste of time for your business, so choose the ones that matter the most. Think about where your customers are most likely to engage. If you spread yourself too thin and fail to stimulate interest, your efforts will be ignored. Once you have chosen your social networks, it’s time to synchronize your brand image across all platforms. Here is how our programs work:

Design & Optimize Your Social Sites

  • We design (or update your existing profile) and build out your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ sites to match your current brand and integrate branding elements and actual pages as allowed by each type. (Other networks are added as needed).
  • We continually enhance and build out each social platform, updating content and photos, and verifying blogs and feeds. These platforms change many times each year, so we will keep you and your site up with the times.

Engage & Interact With Your Audience.

We offer several plans, including a DIY (Do It Yourself) plan:  

  • Design & Style Updating with DIY Status Updating- For clients who will do their own or do not want to make status updates on social networks. We still will design each site to match your latest brand image, and we will maintain and customize your social sites; however you will handle actual status updates internally. Request a Quote
  • Status Pro: Style & Design updating plus status updates 1-3 times per week (depending on your business model). We will reach out to your followers and fans, and share our expertly-crafted status updates, links, blogs, videos, pictures, Infographics, news, etc. via this affordable social media service. This is the ideal number of updates for most companies…and more can be too much. Request A Quote
  • Maximum Engagement: Style & Design updating plus all the updates above in the “Pro” plan, PLUS our social media mavens will interact with your followers and fans, retweet comments, “like” pages that relate to your own, and develop your presence in relevant communities. Request a Quote

We also offer complete content and social media marketing packages that mix together social updating, blogging, email marketing, article publishing, press releases, infographics, and more!

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