Managed Website Hosting Plans

Throughout the year, your new CMS website will require changes, enhancements and security updates. With managed hosting from Imageworks Creative, we take care of everything for you. No longer do you need to fill out a support ticket with a commodity, low-cost giant, or attempt finicky upgrades yourself. These updates must be done by an expert that knows both you and your site, or you risk almost certain frustration and very often, a broken site.

Types of managed website hosting solutions

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting simply means you are sharing the resources and hardware of the server with other companies. These are the type of hosting plans you see offered super cheap all across the web. It’s a price leader, designed to make money on support issues. The biggest risk is getting hacked on poor networks or large server farms. Site speed is also a major concern. Our setup is unique in that we only host our clients. We are not a commodity shop with hundreds or thousands of hosted sites. Here’s what makes us different:

  • We back up your site using AMANDA to two different servers each night, including a failsafe server in a different location (in the event one datacenter is destroyed).
  • If any site is using up too much space or bandwidth, we arrange our sites so that each is operating efficiently and not hogging anyone else’s space.
  • Website Monitoring 24/7
  • We have real people who you can call, email or text in emergencies. No offshore support here!
  • Our servers are set up and maintained for CMS websites. Most aren’t.
  • We choose the best hardware and infrastructure and have a full-time system admin to guarantee everything runs smoothly.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

This type of hosting allows us to set up an independent server just for your company and allocate resources for your specific needs. Nothing is shared - your database, server software, hardware, and bandwidth are all allotted to your own private server. This is ideal for bigger sites, high-volume sites, commerce sites, SSL sites, or any site with backend software. A one-time setup fee of $500 applies to all VPS customers.

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