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Why should you have us completely manage your hosting?

Convenience, reliability, performance, and simplicity.

Struggling with web hosting? Hosting can be a huge drain on your internal resources since it requires vast amounts of time and expertise. In addition, you might face issues such as an offshore support system, server configuration errors, inadequate backups, poor response time, and down time. These problems can hurt your business!

ImageWorks is ready to come to the rescue! Our solutions are simply better because they are tailor-made for our clients. We manage all of your hosting issues so that you can sit back and relax. After all, we are your host! (No, we won’t go grab you pretzels and a beer – we’re not that kind of host!)

Cloud SHARED Server Hosting & CMS/Security Updating Package

For smaller sites we offer hosting maintained on our own private VPS server. Shared servers use shared resources and are the industry price leaders. The problem is many commodity hosting shared sites (Like GoDaddy) are grouped with all kinds of other "sketchy" sites that share your resources. Not good.

Our is a private server for only our clients. We also include one free support ticket (2hr) per year as well as all CMS security updates. (takes an hour a month on average). If you don't do these updates your site will eventually break, making this a must have service.

Cloud PRIVATE Server Hosting & CMS/Security Updating Package

With this type of hosting, we can set up a private server for your company and allocate resources for your specific needs. This is our preferred hosting solution, so we recommend it for most companies. Why? The cost is significantly lower than a full server, plus this system does not require a full-time administrator. Our hosting package includes:

  • 1 GB of memory
  • Up to 3 IP addresses
  • 50 GB of sans storage
  • Up to 3 TB of bandwidth
  • Nightly back-ups
  • Superior support
  • Up to 3 MYSQL databases
  • Support of video hosting and buffering
  • 5 hours of support each year
  • Content Management System (CMS) security updates and version updating. CMS’s require numerous updates throughout the year for optimal performance and security. Our package helps you avoid spending 1-2 hours per month on this process by letting us perform updates monthly or bi-monthly.

We can install your site without acting as your host as well!

Although we prefer to host your site on our servers, we understand that some companies have special circumstances that require them to host their site elsewhere. However, we do have a few requirements:

  • Full, absolute, and working access to your server, database, and file system.
  • Installation of a server suitable for hosting your system.
  • A system we are comfortable supporting, meaning Linus, Apache, or MySQL as opposed to Windows.
  • The ability to make configuration changes to the system.

*If these requirements cannot be met, we can ZIP up your web files and have your IT administrator or engineer install the site. We cannot assist or support 3rd party server set ups (unless the conditions above are met) , as too many factors out of our control come into play to assure success.

Other Web Design Services

Web Design

Custom web design services, dc web design firm

Our sites are strategically planned and handcrafted for success.

User Experience (UX) web design services

The days of pure text content pages are over. Design your key services pages to impress and convert!

Web development and CMS services

There is plethora of technologies today, all of which may be needed to make your website fully functional for your particular needs.

Website maintenance and web design evolution plans

Never redesign your site again! We will keep it continually fresh and hip. Find out how.

HTML animations

When being flashy just won't cut it.

Full-service website hosting and management plans

CMS hosting and support can be a huge IT headache. We keep your site up-to-date on virtual private servers!


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