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The definitions of marketing and branding have changed. So has their relationship!

Posted by Scott December 21, 2009

The dictionary definition of “branding” usually refers to the name and image of a product or service. However, in the business world we take it a few steps further. BNET defines branding as:

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23 Powerful Marketing and Branding Tips Geared to Drive In More Traffic and Revenue

Posted by Scott November 10, 2009

ImageWorks offers these tips and informative articles for everyone to benefit from. We would greatly appreciate, if you are a prospective customer if you sign up for our newsletter which provides exclusive tips and strategies.

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Is Your Brand Working For You, or Against You?

Posted by Scott November 10, 2009

If your brand design isn’t helping your bottom line, it’s time for brand rejuvenation.

Did you know that your visitors are evaluating your company’s credibility based on your website’s visual design alone? A whopping 85% of consumers visit websites before making a purchasing decision, so a positive first impression of your online brand is absolutely crucial to your bottom line.

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ImageWorks Launches Loyalton Group Brand Rejuvenation

Posted by Scott November 5, 2009

ImageWorks is proud to announce the launch of our most recent client site for The Loyalton Group! The Loyalton Group came to us in need of brand rejuvenation, and we successfully enhanced their brand with a new logo, collateral, website, tradeshow exhibit, Flash presentation, iTunes card holders, and more! Check out their sleek new look, maximizing the best in web 2.0 styles and functionality: www.loyaltongroup.com

More samples of their new brand image below (click the images to enlarge):

Home Page

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Free Website Review and Advice

Posted by Scott October 27, 2009

Who says nothing is free?

ImageWorks is offering a free website review along with tips to improve your website results.  Here’s what you’ll get:

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ImageWorks Studio Releases New Small Business Branding and Web Design Package

Posted by Scott October 19, 2009

This new package is aimed directly at small businesses and start-ups that are looking for high quality marketing and branding, but only have a limited budget to work with.

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More Reasons Your Site Sucks

Posted by Scott October 2, 2009

Guest blog by , Clickz.com

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Link Building: The most important factor in SEO? You betcha!

Posted by Scott September 4, 2009

Not a shocker here….what we continually preach to clients and prospects alike. Link building is one of the most (if not THE most) important component of a solid SEO campaign. Link building strategies must use relevant and influential sites with high trust factors. See the attached findings in a 2009 study by SEOMoz.

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How Can Your Website Build Credibility and Drive Sales?

Posted by Scott September 4, 2009

Follow the 5 Habits of Highly Effective Websites

Highly Effective Habit #1: Upfront Strategic Planning

Action without a plan is no better than a plan without action.  We recommend you have both, of course.  Your website plan should address important questions, including:

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