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What's the difference between marketing and branding?

What is Branding? What's the Difference Between Marketing and Branding? A New Look at an Old Debate.

Posted by Scott July 8, 2011

The dictionary definition of “branding” usually refers to the name and image of a product or service. However, in the business world we take it a few steps further. BNET defines branding as:

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Facebook Now Has 750 Million Users

Posted by Scott June 28, 2011

Facebook has hit a major milestone in terms of users. In a report leaked from Goldman Sachs, it states that Facebook has now reached the 750 Million active users mark.  In the following story released from TechCrunch on June 23, 2011, there is a detailed report of their findings. 

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9 Keys to Creating a Home Page Design That Sits Up Straight, Commands Attention, and Delivers Results

Posted by Scott June 22, 2011

The home page. It's the mother of all web pages. The grand entrance to one of the most important marketing assets you own: your website.

There is no disputing the important role that a website can play when it comes to generating leads and sales for most organizations. In fact, a 2010 Pew Intern and American Life study found that some 87% of online college graduates and 88% of those earning $75,000+ use the internet to do research on product or services, before buying.

That said, your website had better be killer. When it comes to designing your website, the home page is the place where first impressions are made. Effective home page design can mean the difference between a visitor who delves deep into your website and one who hits the back button upon arrival.

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ImageWorks CEO Featured Amongst Elite Group of Marketing Experts in Newly Published Marketing Book

Posted by Scott June 17, 2011

Washington, DC – ImageWorks Studio, a branding and marketing company, proudly announces the release of a new book: 


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Google’s +1 Button Challenges Facebook’s Like Across the Web

Posted by Scott June 2, 2011

Google is jumping on the one-click-to-share bandwagon and so is Image Works Creative! Google released its newest gadget in March 2011 in search and has already been seen in the wild on numerous online news outlets around the web. Taking just moments to add to any website,

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Report: 80% of Mobile Video Views Happen on Apple Devices

Posted by Scott May 24, 2011

UPDATED Mobile video is still a small part of overall online viewing, but it’s a part that Apple dominates, according to a new report by video monetization startup FreeWheel. In its Q1 2011 Video Monetization Report, FreeWheel said the vast majority of video views that occur on mobile devices happen on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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7 “Must-Have” Rules for Successful Email Marketing

Posted by Scott May 19, 2011

Rules: don’t run with scissors; don’t play ball in the house; don’t smack your brother… we all have them. We urge you follow these rules prior to sending out your first email marketing campaign. Although, if you choose not to, we won’t tattle, but your analytics will.

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Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

Posted by Scott May 19, 2011


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ImageWorks Studio Wins Two SIA Creative Awards

Posted by Scott May 11, 2011

WASHINGTON DC - ImageWorks Studio, a marketing and brand building company, proudly announces its receipt of two 2011 Summit International Awards:

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