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We get this question every day: “How much does a new website cost?” But it’s impossible to have just one answer. Websites aren’t like pencils or hammers. Each site is handcrafted according to a business’s unique needs. Some clients just want a platform to publish content; others need back end portals and e-commerce; still others need to attract key decision makers for complex contracts and sales. No two are ever the same.

To fully understand why your website is so important to your brand and customer experience, here is a breakdown the most important phases:

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  • Discovery & Strategy Planning
    Without getting to know a business from the outside looking in, we can’t possibly begin to understand their story, goals, and – most importantly – why consumers should care. We then take your goals and plan a roadmap for achieving them. Strategy is at the heart of all that we do. We spend a minimum of 20 hours on each project in this phase.
  • Storytelling
    Without effective storytelling, your message just doesn’t go very far. Part wordsmithing and tone, part visual imagery and interactive design, your story is what resonates with existing and potential consumers. After all, people buy on emotion. Are you connecting with your clients on that level? We spend between 10-20 hours in storytelling, not counting services or product pages.
  • Design
    Each consumer touchpoint with your business online has a certain feel – together, these form your brand style. We design each of these varied interactions and create style templates for your use. Not only are your homepage, subpage, header, footer, and call-to-actions designed, but also part of this critical phase are illustrations, animations, custom photos, and typography. We spend 40-80 hours in design on most sites.
  • Coding & Testing
    Once your brand is styled and all designs are approved, we code and migrate your content into a CMS like Drupal or WordPress. We then design and code styles across mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop screens. This is called “responsive design” because it automatically adjusts to the user’s device for the best possible web experience. Coding time ranges from 30-100 hours pending the size and complexity of your site, then we test in the latest 2-3 versions of each of the main 4 browsers.

In brief, to design and build small to average websites typically takes between 100-150 hours to do it right. We’ll need to budget additional time if you require complex functionality, third-party API incorporation, software integration, or app building. Sure, you can get a site at commodity website brokers like web.com for “free” (but read the fine print…) or hire an offshore contractor, freelancer, or your cousin’s nephew for a lot less. But this isn’t a viable option for most enterprises that take their image, strategy, goals, and customer experience seriously.

Your website is your most important brand asset. Hire a team that will make you look like the rock stars you are.

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Choosing the right custom web design option for your business:

You have plenty of decisions to make when you redesign your website or build a completely new one, but your first step in the process doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is choose one of three major paths:

1.  Design and build a new custom site from scratch

A custom designed website is completely unique to your brand and ensures that no other company has the same look or feel. In essence, it’s a direct reflection of your company. ImageWorks’ custom site process starts with discovery and strategy planning and then moves into design and development phases, based on your exact needs. All websites use templates in CSS, so in this case we are building you your own template that is customizable and nobody else can copy. Your site can look exactly how you want it to, behave without limitations and be built in your choice of content management system (CMS). Learn more about your CMS options below. Custom web sites take an average of 100 hours to plan, design, code, and test; and thus require a properly set budget. Starting from $10k.

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2.  Build a site from a pre-coded template

Five years ago, templates were not a viable option. Today, hundreds of functional and attractive pre-coded templates are available that serve as a great starting point and save a ton of time. Many are already responsive, meaning that they’re tablet- and mobile-friendly. Templates are generic and anyone else can use them...which is why we use them as a starting point and framework. We will help you choose and extensively customize your template and user experience so that it will become unique to your company, and save you more than 50% on cost as compared to building a custom website. Starting from under $5K. Learn more about ImageWorks’ website template program here: 

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3.  Optimize your current site

This is the fastest and least expensive way to optimize your online user experience (UX). ImageWorks looks at your existing site and helps you plan a strategy that revives and enhances for conversions. The strategy may be simple, with minor homepage and subpage tweaks, or it may involve a major overhaul of the whole UX. If your site is in Drupal or WordPress, we can rebuild your theme and even design it to be responsive for tablet and mobile use. From $2k.

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No matter your choice, we'll create a custom solution for your organization based on a planned strategy.

CMS Options

A content management system is a framework that shapes the code and styles of your HTML into a manageable framework that allows for easy updates, edits, and functionality. A CMS takes time to set-up properly, because each of your content types — homepage, interior pages, response forms, landing pages, blogs, commerce pages and more — requires its own distinct style. ImageWorks assembles all these styles in accordance with your site map and then tests them for consistency. We offer two excellent CMS options: Drupal and WordPress. Learn which CMS is better for your needs:

CMS Website Design

Drupal is one of the most powerful open-source CMS systems in the world. Drupal IT is well supported worldwide and can be very easy to use when set up properly. Drupal even has built-in blog technologies that rival WordPress. Although more expensive to code, Drupal lets you customize your site without any limitations. We recommend Drupal to most B2Bs, agencies, and non-profit organizations.

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CMS Website Design

WordPress started out as a blog platform, but has quickly grown into one of the most popular CMS systems. WordPress is easy to use and is full of plug-ins and add-ons that allow you to customize your site and add functionality to suit your business, such as easy e-commerce, accounting, social networking, and more. We like WordPress best for retail and small businesses.

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Responsive Web Design

A responsively designed website is a must for a business with consumers on the go. And who isn’t on the go these days? Responsive design enables your site to automatically detect a user’s browser size and adjust accordingly, using break points to tell the site to load alternately designed layouts. Responsively designed websites take 30-40% longer to develop (25-40 hours for a site with a maximum of 25 pages) and thus are more expensive. Want to see an example? Just grab the bottom right corner of your browser and slowly reduce your window size. Watch what happens!

Site Content

Your content should create the best impression of your products and services and tell your company’s story. Does your content need only to be enhanced (optimized), or does it require a complete overhaul? Whether you’ve made it compelling through optimization or major rewriting, your content needs to be added to your site. It takes time to arrange text, add images and follow style guides for each page. ImageWorks can do all this for you for a fixed price. To save you even more, we can set up blank pages that match your site plan, and your team can upload content via CMS or HTML.

Web Development/Back End

Web Development is a broad term that covers a lot of areas. To clarify, web development is all the necessary programming it takes to fulfill all web requirements after the strategy and design phases are complete.

To make it easier to understand, let us break it down for you:

  1. Coding your approved design templates (your “templates” are the custom art we create that set the styles for all unique pages) into the CMS of choice, such as Drupal or WordPress, or coding in freeform HTML or a framework like Bootstrap.
  2. Installing all content aligned with your site map. This can be done by your team in the CMS or by us on your behalf.
  3. Customizing functionality in the CMS, e.g. a module that allows you to update homepage blog feeds. There are hundreds of plugin-ins, modules, and custom options that can be added to your site.
  4. Integrating third party software, such as Salesforce and other CRMs, accounting programs, and e-commerce solutions,
  5. Building custom functionality and applications, like a customer portal, custom galleries, or even a full-blown platform for a new online business (Amazon & eBay both started as new online purchasing platforms).

There is a plethora of technologies today…from PHP, MYSQL, .Net, ASP, Java, Ruby, Mobile, iOS etc., all of which may be needed to make your website fully functional for your particular needs.

ImageWorks employs our own developers and partners with specialists to meet today’s fast paced technology demands.

How Much (Great) Web Design Costs and How Long It Takes

All of our websites are billed hourly through time allowances via our customized plans, which are billed monthly or 50% down 50% on completion. This allows us to plan and build your unique website experience and complementary brand assets (such as matching email templates, logo refreshes, infographics, videos, social media sites, and other business collateral), and then implement unique marketing strategies to increase visibility and attract customers.  Every site is one-of-a-kind, so give us a call and we can estimate the time it will take to meet your goals.  

Our rate is $150 hour for an über-talented team of designers, UX experts, developers, creative minds, copywriters, marketing strategists and project managers. Our websites win top industry awards, but more importantly they will impress the heck out of your customers and help grow your business. Sure there are cheap options all over, but to hire great people, working together collaboratively in a real office simply costs more, and yields much better results. Rates are discounted for larger projects.

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