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Helpful Info & Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

As a full service agency, we help you plan your strategy, set and measure goals, build your website and other branding needs, and create marketing collateral. After we have built an incredible brand experience, we then help you market your brand to your target market. You will have insight into the usability of your website and the effectiveness of your campaigns through your own backend portal that shows all relevant marketing and web usability data live! 

How much does it cost?

For initial website builds, strategy planning, brand & marketing collateral, content writing, projects range from $10-$50k pending branding needs and site size. Trade shows, vides, and complicated backend coding will cost more than a simple website for example. Some smaller projects, and website only projects  can be done under 10k, so contact us for a quote

For ongoing marketing and advertising, it changes with each business. We do have marketing plans starting out as low as $1,500 per month, but it’s tough to reach many people without a proper budget to achieve your goals.Budgets she be based on your size and what it costs to compete in your market. We’re happy to recommend a budget and plan for you.

Is there a long-term contract?

Most of our branding, website, and marketing contracts are for 12 months, but depending on the size of your project and needs, we can offer a minimum 6-month duration. It’s important to note that website optimization and ranking takes time. Anyone who promises you results in just a couple weeks is setting you up for failure. We’re proud that most of our clients renew year-after-year, because they see the results!

Who are your clients?

From startups and small businesses to large multinationals, we’ve helped them all! We specialize, however, in the small- to midsize businesses in B2B, B2G and B2C. We are a full-service agency serving all markets, so we’re not solely focused on one and have to compete against our own clients. When we represent you, we want to dominate the competition, not solicit them. 

Why should I trust and hire you?

At ImageWorks, we’re always honest with you. We’ll tell you what we think and how we feel - based on our decades (since 1996!) of proven experience. From our outside perspective looking in, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across industries get the most from their digital experiences and marketing spend.