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Google News for Government Contractors

Posted by December 27, 2012

Google recently retired UncleSam and other vertical specialty search engines that were popular among government contractors, but that doesn’t mean vendors should take it easy when it comes to search marketing.  While GSA schedules, preferred contractors, and other forms of inside networking may have been the key to making connections in the past, Google is now a likely resource for federal, sta

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VisualDoD Introduces a New Site for Aerospace & Defense Firms

Posted by Admin December 13, 2012

ImageWorks is pleased to announce the launch of VisualDoD.com, a client site offering compelling software solutions for defense contractors of all sizes. 

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ImageWorks Wins Two Awards in Web Design for Outstanding Achievement

Posted by Philip November 16, 2012

ImageWorks was honored with another award in website design for MAG America. This time around it was an Outstanding Achievement Award in the category 'Charity' given by Interactive Media Awards (IMA). ImageWorks finished with an overall score of 473.

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Choosing Social Media Tools to Use For Your Business?

Posted by Philip November 9, 2012

To build a great looking house you are going to need to use the right tools. There are all sorts of tools out there that can get the job done - but it usually depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The same goes with building a strong brand. Different types of businesses may see better uses for different types of social media tools.

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Do Longer Pages Convert Better?

Posted by Philip November 8, 2012

How can one get their conversions "above the fold." Well it starts with how they display their content on a website page above the fold - according to the conversion rate experts.

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ImageWorks Takes Silver in The Davey Awards for Website Design

Posted by Philip October 23, 2012

ImageWorks Studio has taken 2nd place in the the 8th Annual Davey Awards for our website developement and design for MAG America.

A little bit about the awards:


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Brands Want to Fish Where the Fish Are

Posted by Scott October 22, 2012

"But the fish won't bite if the bait ain't right."

Finding your audience and relating them to your brand is an important aspect of marketing. Keeping them engaged is another very important part. In today's blog post we reflect on some thoughts from Manuel Donayre of ClickZ.

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As SEO's We Can Learn from Mitt Romney's 'Completely Wrong' Google Bomb

Posted by Philip October 11, 2012

If you Google 'completely wrong' right now, and search under the ‘images’ category, you will find an array of Mitt Romney photo's. Why? It’s all about how the Google search algorithm works – so read the rest of this article to find out.

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Why (Truly) Custom Web Design Cannot Be Done for $5,000 or Less

Posted by Scott October 4, 2012

We take dozens of call each week from businesses of all sizes, and although 95 percent of them have no idea what it costs to build a website, they somehow come to the conclusion that is should be in the $5,000 range … maybe $10,000 to $15,000 if they are a “bigger company.”

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The Condo Hub Launches

Posted by Admin October 4, 2012

Our client, The Condo Hub, has recently launched a site all about buying, selling, and investing in condominiums in Northern Virginia, Arlington, Washington DC, and select spots in Maryland.

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