Evolutionary web design plans

Why Your Website is Dead and How You Can Bring It Back with Evolutionary Web Design

Posted by Scott July 29, 2014

If your website is still sporting a traditional design, it’s not a matter of when the Grim Reaper’s going to come calling but how soon. Sluggish concepts that don’t adapt to ever-changing customer behaviors are a thing of the past, but there’s an emergent design approach that can give your site a whole new lease on life — Evolutionary Web Design (EWD).  

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Social media for B2B marketing

B2B Marketing with Google+

Posted by Jess July 21, 2014

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right social network for your business. Sadly, you can’t make this choice based solely on the popularity of a network, because each social site attracts a different kind of audience. When it comes to marketing, it’s important to know your audience, as well as know how to reach out specifically to them.

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social media marketing for small business

Social Media and Your Small Business

Posted by Jess July 17, 2014

Facebook. Pinterest. Google+. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. So many social networks, and so little time!

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Branding strategy and eggs for breakfast

How Do You Feel About Eggs for Breakfast?

Posted by Scott July 9, 2014

Eggs have long been at the mercy of public opinion. They've transitioned from being a healthy breakfast food to being dangerously high in cholesterol to once again being seen as healthy in moderation. Your brand, too, can be a victim of public opinion. 

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Home page web site design

Design It Right: What Makes a Great Homepage Today?

Posted by Jess May 22, 2014

We’ve learned a lot about homepage design over the years, and only one thing is certain: change is inevitable. Design from a few years ago no longer meets the needs of today’s visitors, but many sites either haven’t updated their look or have updated using outdated ideas.

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ImageWorks Goes Platinum

Posted by Jess May 13, 2014

It’s been a big month at ImageWorks! We recently launched our new site, complete with HTML5 animations, parallax design affects, and our new brand heroes (we call them Hipsters).

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Update your website and UX

Fun With Google Display Advertising Campaigns!

Posted by Admin May 8, 2014

In celebration of our new website, we've launched a series of display ads on the Google network encouraging users to check out our web design, marketing, and branding services.

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Social media marketing helps retain customers.

4 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty Using Facebook

Posted by Jess May 7, 2014

Facebook fans can provide free word-of-mouth marketing. If they “like” you (both as a business and on Facebook), you have the power to increase their loyalty to your products or services.

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Storytelling and copywriting services for business

Just Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale … A Tale of Successful Storytelling

Posted by Jess May 6, 2014

Every business has a story. Whether your company has been family owned and operated for generations or you just launched to promote a life-changing new product, there is certain to be something about your business that sets it apart from the competition.  Let ImageWorks help you share that story with the world.

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Our Logo Has Evolved. Has Yours?

Posted by Jess April 1, 2014
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