Patting Ourselves on the Back

Posted by Jess March 4, 2014

ImageWorks is pleased to announce that we have been ranked among the top SEO companies worldwide by

The site is an independent ranking authority for search vendors, and our position on the list reflects our committment to customer satisfaction, search engine optimization success, and advanced knowledge of ranking factors. 

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ImageWorks Creative In Chantilly Provides Custom Web Design Services For Your Business

Posted by Jess March 3, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Chantilly VA, 16-FEBRUARY-2014 - ImageWorks Creative, Chantilly web design firm, is pleased to announce that they offer custom web design services for a wide range of businesses, large or small. The firm is located in Chantilly, VA and has branch offices in Washington DC and Arlington VA.

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Shocking news about content marketing.

5 Frightening Facts About Content Marketing in 2014

Posted by Jess February 27, 2014 recently published a great article on how to “Crush Content Marketing in 2014.”  The tips are spot-on and all but guaranteed to work.

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Bring Your Business into the NOW: The Mobile Marketing Guarantee

Posted by Scott February 18, 2014

The world of marketing strategy has changed greatly in just the last five years or so. While before, a strategy might contain direct mail marketing and a website, today's market requires much more aggressive tactics.

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Less Is More: Tone It Down and Watch Your Customers Tune In

Posted by Scott February 18, 2014

When dabbling in web design for your business, it's hard to not get excited about all of the graphics, logos, add-ons, and content you'd like to utilize. After all, you want your customers to get the right idea about your company and its online presence. But when it comes to design, it may be best to adopt a "less is more" mindset.

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custom web design firms avoid stock photography

Cliched Stock Photography - And Why Good Designers Avoid It!

Posted by Jess February 14, 2014

Stock photography permeates the advertising industry like a rotten egg.  We've all seen these overused images in email newsletters, on websites, even in fliers and postcards that we receive offline.  The pictures that aren't overused tend to be completely absurd.  Check out those overly enthusiastic business people.  Did they all get raises?  Is it hump day again?  Maybe Joe from accounting bro

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Branding Lessons from Security Companies

Posted by Jess February 11, 2014

Branding is a double-sided coin. When you see a good brand, you know it. When you see a bad one, you know it. The constitution of a brand – the stuff that really gives it zest – is tough to pinpoint unless you have years of experience and a nose for the business.

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Killing the Global Navigation Bar - A Trend to Avoid

Posted by Jess February 10, 2014

Recently, websites have begun removing the classic global navigation bar in favor of drop down menus that reveal various product categories and sometimes even lead to larger submenus.  A new

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Website design updates

When’s the Right Time for a Website Redesign? A Question Worth Asking

Posted by Scott January 23, 2014

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors: technology, online strategy, changes in your services—just to name a few. And when making technology decisions, it never hurts to ask, “What’s everyone else doing?” Not that you should strive to be imitative—far from it—but trends can reveal a lot about how (and when) to put you’re your best digital foot forward.

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Internet Marketing and Web Design in 2014

2014 Web Design & Marketing Predictions

Posted by Jess January 3, 2014

The start of a new year can be a fun time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  In 2013, we had the pleasure of welcoming some interesting new clients to our firm, and we continued our efforts to cultivate the best creative design and marketing talent in Northern VA.  Now, as we prepare to welcome a new year, we look forward to the excitement and challenges it will b

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