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Is Your Marketing Copy Reader-Friendly?

Posted by Jess September 30, 2013

Writing engaging copy for the web - or any other publication - is a challenge for many companies.  While it's true that you know your product best, all that inside knowledge may be spilling into your writing in a way that just doesn't resonate with readers. 

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SEO: Is it Worth the Effort and Expense?

Posted by Jess September 26, 2013

As we’ve discussed before, SEO isn’t cheap.  If you take on the responsibility yourself, you’re making a huge time commitment (and as any good business person knows, time is money).  And if you hire a qualified search engine optimization specialist, you could be looking at thousands or even tens of thousands a month or more depending on how aggressive a strategy you choose to employ.    

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Advertising By Word-of-Mouth - Online!

Posted by Jess September 25, 2013

Many successful businesses thrive because their happy customers communicate their satisfaction to others via word-of-mouth.  However, the internet - through a combination of social media, networking, and review sites like Yelp and Angie's List -  has added a whole new dimension.  It's now easier than ever for customers and clients to spread the word about your business, but it takes a lot of ti

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Design & Marketing Are Hard: See How We Do It!

Posted by Jess September 18, 2013

Does the prospect of redesigning your existing website or building a new one from scratch seem so overwhelming that you just don't know where to begin?  It's easy to put something like that on the back burner when it feels like such a huge project.  However, one of the worst things you can do in business today is to let your site - and your branding and marketing efforts - stagnate.

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The Risky Business of Offshore Marketing & Web Design

Posted by Jess September 13, 2013

Last week, we shared Alex Bogusky's inspiring video encouraging consumers to buy American-made products in order to restore American jobs.  In light of his proposal, we started thinking about outsourcing in marketing and the trends that have companies turning to overseas suppliers for

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Former Ad-Exec Inspires Us to Buy American

Posted by Jess August 22, 2013

Yesterday, we made a discovery that appealed to us from just about every imaginable angle.  Ad executive Alex Bogusky has introduced a new video for a campaign called the "Made Movement," advocating for consumers to buy American in an effort to decrease unemployment and r

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Link-Building and Content: The Right Combo for Getting Found Online

Posted by Jess July 26, 2013

In a recent interview, Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting asked Google’s Matt Cutts a question that weighs heavily on the minds of today’s SEO professionals: “Is link building illegal?”

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Welcome to our new site!

Posted by Jess July 22, 2013

After several months of development, tweaking, and improvements, our brand new website has finally launched!  The new site is a great example of the modern, custom websites we build for our clients, focusing first and foremost on a providing a positive user experience (UX).  While we’re all delighted with the new site design, we would love to hear from you with any feedback – flattery and frust

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How website content, design & layout affects your business…and why you should make it a top priority in 2013

Posted by Scott June 25, 2013

Jakob Nielsen has long been the authority on user experience and information architecture. This article is a GREAT read…you will learn how your visitors behave when they are on your site and why. Here at ImageWorks we spend a lot of time determining the customer's likely behavior, designing pages to interact in a way that is mostly likely to encourage conversions.

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Building Trust with Logos & Graphic Design

Posted by Jess June 25, 2013

Your website is like a storefront, the face your business presents to any potential customer who finds you online, in search engine results, on a local directory, in ads, or by remembering the URL from your offline marketing materials.  In order to succeed, you want to make sure that your business presents itself as trustworthy and reliable.  

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