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ImageWorks Takes Silver in The Davey Awards for Website Design

Posted by Philip October 23, 2012

ImageWorks Studio has taken 2nd place in the the 8th Annual Davey Awards for our website developement and design for MAG America.

A little bit about the awards:


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Brands Want to Fish Where the Fish Are

Posted by Scott October 22, 2012

"But the fish won't bite if the bait ain't right."

Finding your audience and relating them to your brand is an important aspect of marketing. Keeping them engaged is another very important part. In today's blog post we reflect on some thoughts from Manuel Donayre of ClickZ.

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As SEO's We Can Learn from Mitt Romney's 'Completely Wrong' Google Bomb

Posted by Philip October 11, 2012

If you Google 'completely wrong' right now, and search under the ‘images’ category, you will find an array of Mitt Romney photo's. Why? It’s all about how the Google search algorithm works – so read the rest of this article to find out.

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Why (Truly) Custom Web Design Cannot Be Done for $5,000 or Less

Posted by Scott October 4, 2012

We take dozens of call each week from businesses of all sizes, and although 95 percent of them have no idea what it costs to build a website, they somehow come to the conclusion that is should be in the $5,000 range … maybe $10,000 to $15,000 if they are a “bigger company.”

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The Condo Hub Launches

Posted by Admin October 4, 2012

Our client, The Condo Hub, has recently launched a site all about buying, selling, and investing in condominiums in Northern Virginia, Arlington, Washington DC, and select spots in Maryland.

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Why SEO is Critical to Online Success & Will Never Die

Posted by Admin October 2, 2012

"SEO is Dead." This has been stated over and over again since the search engines started. Every year there is a claim that SEO is dead - that some Google algorithm change has killed it and that there is something new that is going to take it's place....

But if there are search engines then there will always be search engine optimization. There are no signs of search engine optimization slowing down, and in fact it seems to be bigger now more than ever and is a critical part to your online success

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When it Comes to Design... Clarity is King

Posted by Scott September 20, 2012

"Simplify, Simplify, Simplify." - Henry David Thoreau

Clients often come to us with complex wants--fancy graphics, shadows, bevels, 3D, etc.--but there is a problem. It's like wearing bell bottom jeans; it simply isn't in style, and certainly doesn't build brand equity.

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ImageWorks Studio Welcomes the Newest Team Member!

Posted by Philip September 17, 2012

Nora Lynn Bourne was born 9/15 at 6:54pm. She was 5 lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She was born to the lovely parents Sabrina (one of our superb graphic designers) and Jason Bourne - both of which are doing very fine.

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Tactics To Prevent Rejection in Sales

Posted by Philip August 31, 2012

Manta, one of the top citation sites out there, and one that you definitely NEED (not want - NEED) to get your company listed in, recently released an amazing article about how you should handle cold calling potential clients while prospecting.

Manta does an amazing job with capturing clients, mainly well, because their service works, but also because their sales reps are very knowledgeable and very good at their job. There are many different perks to signing up with manta (Here is our manta page) and any sales rep that you talk to will gladly take the time to tell you about them. Here are some of the perks.

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How to Scale the “Referral Brick Wall." Your Guide to Climbing over the Hurdle that Separates Small Businesses from Rock-Solid Brands

Posted by Admin August 7, 2012

Sure, we all love referrals – and why not? Warm leads, bundled up tightly with the endorsements of trusted sources, have the highest chance of conversion. Referrals are also a sign that you’re doing something right; after all, someone took the time and effort to refer a customer to you, which means that somebody was genuinely impressed with you and your work. But let’s face it: Word of mouth, referral, organic growth … these channels all hit a brick wall eventually.

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