Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Meet with our expert team to discuss digital marketing strategies, web traffic, behavior analysis, budgeting, advertising options, user experience and conversion optimization, content marketing, search engine optimization, and much more.

We provide current and prospective clients with a free 30-minute consultation!


Digital Marketing Consult Plans:

  • Review 1-3 pages of your website to identify improvement areas for a given time period (monthly or bi-monthly).
  • Review web analytics for the period, including heat maps and visitor live video in Lucky Orange along with UX and conversion rate optimization (CRO) recommendations. 
  • Discuss marketing plans and current programs and any needed adjustments. 
  • Review conversion goals and event tracking
  • Live GMeet with our team to go over all the above!

From $500 per session (1 hr. max, team rate)

Lucky Orange™ Advanced Customization & Consulting:

Lucky Orange has many options that we can customize for you at a fixed hourly rate. You can also book meetings to review, discuss, and strategize with us monthly or anytime you like.

  • Live chat build out
  • Dashboard customization
  • Surveys to take to better understand your customers
  • “Event” set up and customization for every possible click on your website! 
  • "Conversion Goal" set up and tracking
  • Consulting meetings (one free meeting after setup to get familiar with the platform!)
  • Support via GMeet à la carte and advanced customization to your dashboard (billed hourly) 

Additional ImageWorks Digital Marketing Consultation & Services:

  • Blog topic selection and structure planning that will rank on Google
  • Google Analytics 4 user behavior and traffic 
  • Lucky Orange web analytics & visitor insights  
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and tracking
  • Google PPC strategies and performance 
  • Advanced SEO tactics
  • Effective budgeting and spend reallocation techniques
  • UX optimization for better engagement

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