Customer Journeys

We create customer journey plans that feature several types of content - delivered to the customer via email or text to further explain the benefits and value you offer, or to build trust and credibility through education.

“The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that prospects and customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience from prospect to valued customer."

—  Cobbled together by Scott C. Margenau, 2019

Frequently Used Content Types for Customer Journeys:

  • Articles / Written Content
  • Infographics
  • Presentations / Slideshows
  • Guides & Whitepapers
  • SMS Texts
  • Videos & Animations
  • Polls & Surveys

Customer Journey Plans

Prospect Customer Journey

A 7-piece series, usually consisting of well-written ASAs (Articulated Sales Arguments), value propositions, explanation of services and products, webinar or event invites, surveys, infographics, and even a video.

Starting at $1,800.
Video and infographic production are extra.

Client Journey

This journey is focused on retention, awareness of other sales opportunities, reinforced value of services and products, introducing new capabilities or services, and encouraging both reviews and or referrals.

Starting at $1,800 for a 7 part series.

Shorter Series, Onboarding, and Survey Journeys

Lets discuss how we can build a custom series that puts email marketing, digital advertising, call tracking, content marketing, and more to work for your business.

Custom series plans available.

Customer Journey Marketing Framework

*Image from who we recommend and resell.

*Image from who we recommend and resell.

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