Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is the #1 marketing strategy for most businesses of various sizes. Not only does it deliver a high ROI (as high as 50 to 1!), it’s efficient and affordable. Research shows that customers need to hear from you at least 5-7 times before they recognize your brand or take note of even one of your value propositions. Email marketing is a great way to ensure your message stays in front of your audience in a medium they usually check daily if not hourly.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing via Monthly Newsletters: Stay in Front of Your Audience with Content that Matters!

These email marketing campaigns can be sent to various audiences, including:

  • Prospects
  • Vendors/Partners
  • Existing Clients
  • Employees

We use existing content such as blogs, articles, subpages, photos, case studies, events, white papers and guides, videos and infographics, and resources to share from industry sources.

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Email Marketing Blasts

Email Marketing Blasts: Building Loyalty & Encouraging Your Audience

Email blasts are the best way to encourage interested prospects. These are sent to your customers and/or prospects and include relevant information and special deals exclusive to that audience. We can help you build your prospect list by adding sign-up forms and lead magnets on your website and social media platforms. We will design, create a layout, code, and distribute emails as needed. You can use this for offers or to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

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