Facebook Marketing, Optimization, Posting & Advertising

Facebook Page Optimization & Posting Plan

If you’re looking to specifically target Facebook, you may be interested in our Facebook specific marketing & content sharing plan. In this plan, our team will set up or revise and post to 1 Facebook page for your business by:

  • Designing Facebook Page Visuals. If you did not already purchase a Social Media Platform Design & Optimization Plan (see above), our creative team will create a Facebook Profile Picture and Cover photo to match your brand style and create a consistent look.
  • Strategy, Set Up & Optimization. We will update your page’s information to be fully optimized for the latest Facebook build, including call to actions, a user (vanity) name, settings, audience definition, content mix, FB groups recommendations, and goal setting. Set up Facebook Business Manager.
  • Providing Access To ImageWorks Insights. Insights is our 24/7 web & marketing tool that will allow you to track your Facebook following and engagement as well as any other platform you allow us access to, such as Google Analytics.
  • Creating A Post Schedule. Once your Facebook page is set up and ready to go, our team will work with you to create a posting strategy that fits your goals for your Facebook Page. Creating a schedule works best if you also have a blogging plan. For fluidity, we’ll plan everything in advance. Choose from the below plans for the frequency that best fits your budget and goals.
  • Optional - Facebook Ads and Sponsored Content. Bolster your page and visibility using the 2nd biggest advertising platform! Facebook. We do all the work, within your given budget. 
  • Types of Posts Businesses use:
    • Text (Status Updates/Announcements)
    • Photos/Video with descriptive text content
    • Live Facebook Video
    • Linked Text post. Great for sharing Industry or internal content. (Like blog and subpages)
    • Polls. Engaging. Customer involvement.
Features Starter Mid-Level Pro
Initial page setup & optimization      
Live reporting via Imageworks Insights      
Posts per week 1 Post 2-3 Posts 4-7 Posts
Strategy update Every 6 Months Every 4 Months Every 3 Months
Cost per month $300 $500 $850

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