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Drive customers to interact and re-engage with our social media marketing services!

We offer two excellent plans for social media sharing and posting. The AI sharing plan provides an automated method to share appropriate content at a very affordable cost. Our fully-managed social posting plan is customized just for your brand, based on the strategy and content creation, and social platforms.

Social Media

Fully Managed
Social Media Marketing Plan

Looking to attract more customers and re-engage prospects using social media? Our social media content marketing plan is a comprehensive solution that will help you grow your audience.

Features Details
Social Networks Social Networks Choose the number of social networks you want to promote your business on.
Social Strategy Plan Social Strategy Plan We'll optimize your social media strategy to effectively engage and reach your target audience, using a posting schedule tailored to your audience's peak activity for maximum exposure.
Social Site(s) Set Up & Optimization Social Site(s) Set Up & Optimization We'll optimize your profiles with consistently branded profile pictures and cover photos, complete information, calls to action, and relevant website links.
Posts Posts This is the number of posts we will create and distribute each month using the content you provide to us. Choose from 1-3 posts per week.
Reels/Social Videos Reels/Social Videos We'll use your original short videos, turn them into reels, and post them, up to 3x/month
Boosted/Paid Post *Boosted/Paid Post We will set up your paid boosted post campaign to advertise to your targeted audience. $200 per.
Custom Canva Template Custom Canva Template We will create a branded template for your original photo shares and testimonials.
Review & Consult Review & Consult Our team of social media marketing experts will consult with your team for best practices and strategy
Profile Design & Optimization Profile Design & Optimization Our designers will add custom graphics and branding to your social media profile to complement your aesthetic.
Online 24/7 Reporting Online 24/7 Reporting We will integrate your social media profiles with our insights dashboard with 24/7 live data reporting for free!
Video Repurpose Posts Video Repurpose Posts We will take your existing blog or landing page and repurpose it as a video asset with formatting for each social media network, with a custom design that matches your branding.1x per month.

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Social Media
AI Sharing Plan:

Are you looking to increase your brand's awareness and establish a strong social media presence?

Our social media sharing strategy uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and search technology to curate relevant and engaging industry content for your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels. A blend of about 70/30 internal to external content is recommended.
We can keep your feeds informative and fresh for your target audience by including both internal content, such as blogs and service pages, and external content, such as articles.

Social Media
Social Sharing Plan Lite Pro
Posting content pieces on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter per month 12 shares per month total 24 shares per month total

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Fun Fact!

Did you know that almost 75% of people use social media when making purchase decisions? It's an important touchpoint for customers in both the B2C and B2B industries.