Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art of optimizing your website so that your products and services are FOUND in the top of Google's organic search results. This is done using various tactics both on-page and off-page - and it’s based on an algorithm that includes thousands of ranking factors that are constantly changing. It requires experts working together for your unique brand, not a commodity broker offering canned solutions through aggressive tactics.

ImageWorks partners with Moz, the industry leader in search engine optimization, to influence what search engines know about you and your business.


Why You Need an SEO Plan:

More Qualified Traffic + Better User Experience = More Sales

Achieving top placement in Google’s search results for qualified keyword phrases is the best way to attract prospective customers and build online credibility. Google’s algorithm includes thousands of ranking factors, and it changes every day. A continuous, well-planned effort is required to stay on top of the trends, strategies, and updates.

SEO done the right way! Here’s how we do it:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated business. The web and SERPs (search engine results pages) change every minute. To keep up with these evolving changes, like Google’s all-seeing Algorythm, we spend a lot of time each month performing, testing, and optimizing your website’s key pages. We start with a plan, check out what your competitors are doing, develop strategies to outrank them, and then continually test and refine using our custom tools. It’s a process that goes something like this:

  • Keyword research and discovery.
  • Assign keywords to best-match pages.
  • Install and manage Google Analytics and goals within.
  • Set-up, optimize, and sync Google My Business. Includes GMB Insights & "Listing Alerts".
  • Install and track Crazy Egg heat mapping. Available online via the ImageWorks Insights portal.
  • Implement our custom on-page SEO strategies for each target page. Optimize both the meta data and on-page content when needed, based on rankings and page score through our SEO software and tools.
  • Set up and/or manage Webmaster tools (Google Search Console), together with sitemap set-up and optimization.
  • Review Schema– a framework that indexes information for websites.
  • Build citations. These are authority sites, ranked to a standard by Google, that will increase your domain and page rank over time. There are millions to consider, so it’s an ongoing job.
  • Local SEO set-up and optimization for one (1) location and then review local analytics and traffic. This is the digital footprint of your business. Includes one MozLocal membership.
  • Daily Site Crawls - fix ongoing SEO issues. Due to the nature of today's web, all sites develop errors and bugs. Bad URLs, missing SERP info, W3C issues, redirects, etc. can all impact the performance of your site. We crawl, monitor, and fix these continually.
  • Online account and access to our backend software, ImageWorks Insights, which provides 24/7 reporting and analytics for your SEO and most online marketing strategies, such as email marketing, digital advertising, call tracking, content marketing, and more.

Note: In order for the above tactics to earn top ranks for competitive terms, you need to also publish highly relevant content and then share it on the web. These count as major “votes” and are the only way to rank for competitive terms.

Our standard plan starts by focusing on five key pages and 20 keywords. You can scale the number of pages up or down, based on your budget and the impact you desire.

Link Building. For more competitive terms, the on-page and maintenance plan aforementioned will also need the benefit of link building from strong citation sites and sites that rank well for similar target terms. We have link building plans starting from just $350 per month!


Please email us here to request a free site review and a custom quote. Our plans are very affordable, and we have been doing this for over 20 years!

Extra location pages: If you have multiple locations we will need to purchase more local citation plans, set up a Google My Business page for each, and build an HTML page to rank well for each with area-specific keywords and content. These are managed and updated each month.

$150 per month per location. Discounts available for more than 10 locations.


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"ImageWorks’ branding and marketing strategies have led to a tenfold increase in our organic website traffic."

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"Pssst! Did you know ImageWorks has won over 20 national and international awards for design and marketing from the best names in the industry? Imagine that talent working for your business! "

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"Thanks to you and the ImageWorks team for a successful launch yesterday. Everything turned out great and I really appreciate the effort everyone put in to meet the launch date. I am looking forward to continuing working with you. Best of all, in less than 12 hours of having our new site up, we generated our first lead for a trial."

"We have been extremely happy with their creativeness and are very proud of what they have done for us on our web presence."

"This [design] is phenomenal! Your team has blown me and my expectations away at every phase! I can hardly wait to start marketing."

"A big thank you for an amazing website! I absolutely love it! You and your team did a great job! Fabulous work ... I have been bragging about it to everyone!"

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