Website Maintenance & UX Optimization Plans.

These are usually included in our web design plans, but for those wishing to add these plans to an existing site, or if you have requested a fixed priced bid for your website design project, these plans can easily be integrated, so your site is always performing at its peak.

Standard Website Maintenance Plan (Required for most new websites)

  • Security updates for your CMS. Both Drupal and WordPress have monthly security updates that must be installed by an expert (or parts of your site will break). This not only updates the CMS, but also makes the platform more secure as more breaches in cyber security are discovered and remedied. Please note: your website typically must be hosted on the ImageWorks Creative server in order for security updates to be performed. In some cases, if we have “root access” to a server that is set up properly, we can do these updates for you.
  • Site updates. Two hours per quarter budgeted. You can add more hours as needed for your exact site needs, once we have a good baseline of your needs. These are the quick little updates that companies need on a regular basis, things like changes to content, headers and titles, labels, menus, links, fonts, etc.
  • Site Health Optimization & Audits. Crawl site and fix any crawl errors, page speed testing, mobile performance testing and fixes, bugs, broken links, bad pages, HTML errors, W3C compliance issues, etc. These happen on all sites over time due to robots, hackers and the nature of the web and require attention constantly.

$350/month for sites 25 pages or less. Discuss this Plan

Note: Minor edits are covered in your hourly maintenance hours above. Eight hours per year included. The whole page evolution is a process and requires strategy, planning, review, design, coding and testing according to the above process.