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The Best “Storytellers” to Attract Customers

All businesses need a video to tell their story and promote core offerings. Videos get noticed more, viewed more, rank higher in search engines, and engage your clients far more than static content. Another creative vehicle to get your brand message across is an infographic. With a much lower price point these highly-shared media are engaging and extremely powerful as a marketing tool.

Five types of media all businesses should be using:

  1. Corporate Overview Your first investment in video should explain (in less than 2-3 minutes) what your business is all about and the benefits of your offerings. Quick, simple, intriguing, and linked to a call to action. Do you like ours?
  2. Explainer Video Similar and often the same as the above, these videos can be used to explain things like who you are, how a service benefits a consumer, how your products work, and more. Explainer videos are usually animated and should be around 2 minutes long. You don’t want to lose your audience’s attention!
  3. 15 Second In-Stream Video Ad These brief videos are designed to promote your company or products to specific viewers on YouTube. Used as part of a YouTube advertising campaign, they can drive traffic to your website, promote a special offer, or encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. Video ads are a popular, cost-effective way to reach and engage your target audience.
  4. Slide Show Video These are the cost leaders of videos. While most videos cost around $7k for professional quality and content, slide show videos can be done at a fraction of the cost. They get the same online benefit and search rank as other videos and rely more heavily on content than animation.
  5. Infographics Designed around value propositions, special events, service offerings, technology, and more, these illustrated digital media are converted into HTML and shared via social media and email. Think of infographics as mini storyboards focused on anything your target audience may find of interest. For those that can’t afford a full video, infographics (design and marketing) are a great option.


Infographic Examples

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