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Blog Writing ServicesShould Your Business Be Blogging?

A blog packed with helpful and influential content is a requirement for any serious business. A smart and intelligently-designed blog not only nurtures prospects on their journey to customers, but it also boosts Google rankings, relevant traffic, and online relevance.


  • Businesses with blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not.
  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

ImageWorks has blogging plans customized specifically for your business. Our writers have experience in just about every industry. Our plans are topic-focused. First, we help you find a topic that is both interesting, helpful, timely, and likely to attract traffic. Once topics are chosen, we get to work writing the blogs and scheduling them for release. We take care of everything! All planning, topic selection, writing, revisions, approvals, posting, teaser text, imagery, and promotion is done by us.

Types Of Blogging Services

Blog Post Optimization & Management

In this plan, you provide technical content to get our writers started. For a lot of niched companies, this is the best way, as no writer can ever capture the expert knowledge of your internal team. We optimize your content to be more compelling, use good headlines, promote “scannability,” optimize for SEO, write teaser text, add imagery, post, and promote.

  • Supportive email campaigns: Don't rely on organic traffic alone! Promote your blog to your email list. We write the intro text, create the design, code your email, and send it to your list in supported email platforms for $100 per campaign.

$225 per post for 12 posts per year, minimum.
We offer a 10% discount for 24 posts per year.

Blog Post Management & Promotion

You provide ready-to-use content. We optimize it for SEO, add imagery as needed, and promote your blog post using our blog marketing tools.

$125 per post for 12 posts per year, minimum.

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Customer Journeys

We create customer journey plans that feature several types of content - delivered to the customer via email or text to further explain the benefits and value you offer, or to build trust and credibility through education.

“The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that prospects and customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience from prospect to valued customer."

—  Cobbled together by Scott C. Margenau, 2019

Frequently Used Content Types for Customer Journeys:

  • Articles / Written Content
  • Infographics
  • Presentations / Slideshows
  • Guides & Whitepapers
  • SMS Texts
  • Videos & Animations
  • Polls & Surveys

Customer Journey Plans

Prospect Customer Journey

A 7-piece series, usually consisting of well-written ASAs (Articulated Sales Arguments), value propositions, explanation of services and products, webinar or event invites, surveys, infographics, and even a video.

Starting at $1,800.
Video and infographic production are extra.

Client Journey

This journey is focused on retention, awareness of other sales opportunities, reinforced value of services and products, introducing new capabilities or services, and encouraging both reviews and or referrals.

Starting at $1,800 for a 7 part series.

Shorter Series, Onboarding, and Survey Journeys

Lets discuss how we can build a custom series that puts email marketing, digital advertising, call tracking, content marketing, and more to work for your business.

Custom series plans available.

Customer Journey Marketing Framework

*Image from who we recommend and resell.

*Image from who we recommend and resell.

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Content Sharing

Is your business missing out on sharing content with the world? Become your industry’s go-to expert resource by sharing your knowledge, establishing your brand as a thought leader, adding your input, and ultimately growing your audience and raising your brand awareness.

Content Sharing in Three Steps:

Find Engaging Content
We find relevant and engaging content in your industry. This includes videos, blog posts, photos, white papers, research articles, trending content, and more.
Formulate Your View
We write intros/summaries  for all content we share, asking your audience a question about each post that stimulates a conversation.
Share & Communicate
Lead the conversation on all social media. This includes but is not limited to email lists, your own blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Content Sharing Plans

We will create and schedule original and shared content to engage with followers on up to 3 of your top social media sites - choose from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or use all! Also for a small cost you can add this content to your blog and even email list! 

12 Posts
$275 Per Month

24 Posts
$475 Per Month

Posting Details:

This 50/50 plan is 50% shared content and 50% original content that we develop or your team provides (percentages can be adjusted).

Posts Include:

  • Original content* (photos, videos, PDFs, slideshows, infographics, success stories, products, articles, promotions)
  • Story posts
  • Content sharing from relevant industry news and resources
  • Re-purposing your website and blog content


  • Post the content also to your blog. $50 per
  • Create and email campaign to notify your list of the new content. (Call or email us to discuss, as costs vary pending your email platform) 


Original Content:

Original content will either be provided or be created by us at an additional cost. (see blogging plans on tab above) Post totals are per media type (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn). Here is some pricing to help you plan your social media marketing budget:

  • Infographics from $900 each
  • Original articles / blogs from $400 each
  • Videos from $2,500
  • Presentations from $1,200 (10-25 slides)
  • White papers and success stories: call to discuss

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Press Release Plans

Press releases are one of the most authoritative and highest-ranking content types on the web today. Paid press releases are ranked by Google as a very trusted resource, as they are considered part of the credentialed media. You can pitch your release to all media outlets that cover your industry: blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio, and more.

It's hard to create a more authoritative content type about a specific “story” with live backlinks to your website than a paid press release.

Reasons to Draft a Press Release:

The threshold here is (and always has been): newsworthiness. What’s new or exciting for your business? That's relatively easy to do when you have good creative minds behind your efforts! We help our clients think of topics and headlines that not only grab attention, but also help build the credibility of your organization.

  • Brand announcements (new logo, new website, new video, etc.)
  • Hirings or promotions within the company
  • New accounts or clients
  • New or modified service offerings
  • New products
  • New app, widget, tool, or media
  • Awards and industry recognition
  • New locations or expanded regional capabilities

The Cost of a Professional Press Release:

To pay a service such as PRWEB or PRNewswire costs $150-$300 or more just for the release, depending on the exposure and SEO value. We recommend the $300 level because they get the most awareness, pick-ups, and backlinks. Next, you can either provide a news release to us and have us optimize it, or we can write it for you from scratch. You should try to publish at least four press releases a year. Plan to budget around $1k-2k total per release depending exposure desired. We have discounted plans when you buy four or more at a time.

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