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Your website is the digital “story” of your brand.

How will customers respond? Most will take one of two paths: either they’ll notice you, like what they see, and take an action, or they’ll mutter “meh” and move on. After all, if your website is not impressive, why should they do business with you?

With a custom website, your content is designed, pixel by pixel, around your brand. We start with a discovery meeting to truly get to know you, and then define your story, strategy, and tactics to accomplish your goals. Each space, graphic, feature, button, illustration, and call-to-action is designed to accommodate your exact message, brand story, and overall user experience (UX).

Nearly 97% of your customers will come to your website before, during, or after their first contact with your brand.

As many as half of all surveyed respondents say a website's design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company.

—Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

Powerful data, indeed! This is why a custom website designed to the exact requirements of your brand is so important. Start with the talented team at ImageWorks to make your message jump off the page, captivate your audience, and showcase why your business is the best for a given service or product.

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Helpful information when designing a custom website:

We offer both of the most robust and popular Content Management Systems (CMS): Drupal and WordPress.

Each project features art direction, designers, developers, writers, and other marketing experts working together to assure you the best possible results.

We work with you to create a plan for your website and conversion goals. Then we help measure its effectiveness and evolve with our marketing platform: Insights.


Ah, yes, then there is the question of pricing. Our team rate is $150 per hour for most of our services. We also have fixed pricing on some services and products.

All websites are different. A landing page or microsite can be done a lot faster than a full custom website, where each page is crafted for the best user experience possible. Adding in things like blogs, forms, backends, portals, and web apps (which make modern sites so fluid and functional) add time, too.

When we learn about your exact requirements, we can give you an exact quote. We are happy to work within your budget, assuming the budget is realistic for what you are tying to accomplish.

Looking for a budget-friendlier option?

If your budget is under $5,000, you may want to start with a template. With a template (or pre-built theme), section styles and layouts are pre-designed, leaving you to “fit” your content and graphics into a format not intentionally designed for your message or services and products. However, starting with a template is a solid option for smaller budgets and allows for later customization to offer better UX through our design evolution process.

Here at ImageWorks, we have built a “flexible” template in Drupal 8 that sizes all your content by percentages, which is required for a true responsive website that will work properly on all devices. Another option is to purchase a template online, but those will still need a lot of work and have a lot of extra code and security issues.

Learn more about our template process here.

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