UX & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Plan

Evolving Your Web Presence & Performance, Continually.

Imagine having web pages in a constant state of enhancement and evolution based on today’s and tomorrow’s trends, behaviors, and technologies – increasing page relevancy, engagement, and conversions. We make it a reality.

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UX & Conversion Rate Optimization Plan 

How is your website performing? How can it do better? If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions, this plan is made for you! 

By studying heat maps and actual user behavior, including the latest analytics tools from our partners like Google & Lucky Orange, we get to know exactly where site visitors are coming from, where they’re clicking, what they find interesting, and what turns them away. We then enhance the on-page experience and content to boost the user experience and propel your conversion rates.

UX & Conversion Rate Optimization Plan

  • GA4 & Lucky Orange standard set up & monitoring
  • Audit 1-3 “focus” pages, ongoing 
  • Our team will review heat maps, visitor live video behavior, and GA4 data 
  • Submit UX and CRO recommendations every 60 days.
  • One GMeet every 60 days to go over results and discuss options
  • Live reporting via our agency Lucky Orange tool. 

*You can use your support hours for more design changes & copy optimization, or we can give you fixed pricing for each recommendation. 

* Additional GMeets to discuss performance and strategy can be purchased separately. 

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The UX and CRO Process:

It’s important to note: a website is never “done” because it’s never perfect. There are always improvements to be made as new technologies emerge, trends develop, new content becomes available, or a new company focus is given. 

Using advanced data analytics, heatmaps, live video of a customer journey, source tracking and we determine the pages needing the most help. Alternatively, if you want to focus on a particular page, just let us know. 

What are the page elements we’re tracking and improving?

  • Functionality
    Add any needed functionality for conversions, such as links for email enrollments, load time optimization, landing pages, onsite ads, call-to-action buttons, contact forms, and more. Integrations of any new apps or services are billed hourly. 
  • Content
    Adjust the text and on-page content. Your website visitors and customers determine how well your messaging resonates – which directly impacts how likely they are to convert.

    We make edits recommended using our specialized tools and to create a more engaging page, like adding compelling headers, scannable bullet points, or more SEO-friendly keywords. If you need full page content optimization (wordsmithing) and rewrites copy optimization to improve the tone of voice, readability, or more, we can help with that on a per-page basis, too! Better content equals more engaged customers!
  • Design
    We will make minor design changes to your page style, font use, call to action buttons, and image editing  to enhance the UX of your customers.
  • SEO Performance

The ultimate goal of any website is to increase time on page and conversion rate. 

Attracting customers, getting more leads, educating prospects, inspire a trackable action, or asking/answering a question...all of these are key actions for conversion optimization. We work with you to establish intelligent conversion goals, then plan a strategy for making them happen.

By integrating Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and other performance metrics, we’ll be able to show you exactly how your web pages are being used; there’s always room for improvement. We then set to work, helping you get the absolute most from your website.

Start your website evolution today.

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Fully-Managed Additional Support Hours!

If you’d like to request website edits on demand or have a handful of sporadic changes to your site, then hourly support might be best for you. We can accommodate any project, big or small, and then bill for the hours used or give you a quote based on scope. Receive discounts for bulk hours purchased in advance! These hours can be used across any website design, development, or content optimization services.