Creative Support Outsourcing

For your branding, website, and marketing collateral

Let ImageWorks be your “in-house” creative support team – handling all of your branding, web design, and marketing needs. There are two HUGE advantages to this approach:

  1. We can handle anything your organization might need on an ongoing basis, such as website updates and fixes, new marketing collateral, site overhauls and UX enhancements, branding updates, videos and animations, infographics, and more!  
  2.  We can do it at an extremely affordable rate. In fact the cost is often much less than the cost of a a single employee. Better still, we offer you a team of seasoned veterans managed by real art directors and brand strategists. Our experts in design, branding, content writing, web development, and marketing collaborate under one roof for maximum impact and results.

Our Web & Brand Maintenance Plans. Payable monthly over 12 months:

  • Hourly, a-la-carte $150 per hour.
  • 50 hours per year (5% off normal rate) - Enough time to do normal maintenance, PLUS UX and graphic updates as well as other branding and conversion tasks.
  • 100 hours per year (7% off) - A good plan for most small to medium businesses, allows us to support your website and brand challenges throughout the year.
  • 200 hours per year (10% off) – Full support for SMBS.
  • 300 hours per year (15% off) – For more complex support needs.

It gets even better!

Completely complimentary with all of our packages:

  1. Incudes up to 10 hours per year of meetings, reviewing of materials and websites, consulting, and general brainstorming. Completely free of cost.
  2. Based on our review, we will suggest design, creative, and technical enhancements to improve conversion rates through the online and offline customer experience. Once approved, we turn these ideas into completed projects.

Contact us at (703) 378-0000 to discuss or email us here.