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Building a Revenue Generating Brand

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team December 21, 2006

How can your "brand" create more revenue? By creating a powerful and compelling image that synchronizes your sales process with your customers’ buying habits. Sounds simple, but in order to make this happen collaboratively among all web and print media takes creativity, innovative ideas, foresight and finely tuned talent. ImageWorks Studio can help. If we build it, they will come.  

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What is Branding?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 11, 2006

Simply put - your “brand” or “corporate image” is the impression formed at every point of contact with your prospects and clients.

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Meet your branding goals and avoid a “Marketing Hangover”!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 07, 2006

We Have the Cure for Your Marketing Hang-Over! Not that kind of hangover! And the hyphen is intended. We mean a marketing hang (pause) over. Marketing goals, ideas, and promises that have “hung over” from last year’s objectives, or even the year before! You may have vowed to address your marketing concerns and goals, and maybe you have, but you’re still not completely satisfied. You need a more compelling image, one that’s driven to fulfill a sales procurement cycle and designed to build revenue. It’s time to act!

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ImageWorks Moving After 10 Years!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 26, 2006

ImageWorks has announced they are moving to an office building at 3859 Centerview Drive Suite 400, Chantilly Va. 20151. Their phone numbers well remain the same. After spending the last 10 years in a retro renovated Flex/Warehouse building...the noise and problems with mechanical units finally took its toll. ImageWorks' new office is in a brand new office building, with state of the art amenities. Dual T-1s are scheduled to be installed July 3rd, as well as Muzac on-hold and audio systems, new furniture, more sample exhibits, designs, samples etc.

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ImageWorks Featured in Washington Post!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team December 30, 2005

The Washington Post Business Section featured ImageWorks Studio in an article about work place environments. You can read the article by searching on at and searching under ImageWorks. (Sorry I dont have the link at hand!) ImageWorks, has not solicited PR, but nevertheless is featured in numerous online media, print publications and industry "gloss". Our founder, Scott C. Margenau has been named twice to the Who’s Who List amongst Local Businessmen and Entrepreneurs, and has been featured on local radio business talk shows.

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ImageWorks announces their new WebFolio!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 14, 2005

Our web portfolio system is a custom designed application IWSWebFolio allows clients wishing to show images and content, case studies, testimonials of projects, items, designs, homes, charts, jobs, samples, art, etc. in a web based environment through a custom GUI that is created for each client to match their brand. The system features a web-based Admin system that lets you manage, edit and delete all of your projects.

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