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A blog with useful and influential content is a must-have for any serious business. A good blog helps turn potential customers into actual customers and boosts Google rankings, traffic, and online relevance.

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SEO Blog Writing Services
SEO Blog Writing & Promotion Plan

SEO Blog Writing & Promotion Plan

Creating blog articles that focus on keywords and content relevant to your industry is the best non-local SEO strategy today. The primary goal of an SEO blog article is to drive relevant traffic to your site. By utilizing sophisticated AI technology, we are able to identify popular subjects that are more achievable to rank for.

Using the same tools, we edit our content to achieve a top score of 90% or higher on content structure, headers, SEO copy, tone of voice, readability, and originality. These factors influence your rank and ability to appear on the top pages.

  • AI & SEO Tools Are Utilized To Create Rankable Topics
  • Humans Write All of the Content
  • Ping Blog Promotions to Top Influencers

Why should you have a blogging plan?


  1. Websites with blogs have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t (SEO value!)
  2. Businesses with blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not.
  3. By prioritizing blogging efforts, marketers are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.

*Fundera 2019

Blog Optimization and Writing Plans

Blog Optimization & Publishing
Blog Optimization & Publishing (Form your provided content) 
Best For:
Companies who can produce topical content that is contextually “on-point” but needs SEO and content optimization for better results. 
  • Content Optimization: Optimize provided content for SEO best practices with our best-in-class SEO software. Includes target keywords, conversion optimization, tone of voice, SEO structure, readability, scan-ability, headlines, and calls-to-action. 
  • Imagery as needed. Add alt text tags for SEO purposes.
  • Add links to best match internal destination pages to share SEO “juice”
  • Add authority links to relevant sources as needed
  • Metadata optimization.
  • Publish and ping!
  • *If advanced editing is needed, we will let you know prior. Based on 700 words or less.
SEO Blog Writing Plans
SEO Blog Writing Plans (New content, human-written)
Best For:
Companies who want full-service SEO blog posts that will increase traffic and brand authority. 
  • Strategic Topic Research: Using our highly advanced AI SEO tools, we identify trending topics with high search demand and SEO potential.
  • Premium Content Crafting: Our seasoned writers produce compelling, SEO-optimized content of the highest quality.
  • Niche Expertise: We draw from an extensive pool of industry-specific writers, ensuring subject matter expertise for your niche.
  • Customized Content Strategy: Tailoring our approach to your brand's voice and goals, we develop a content strategy that resonates with your target audience
  • Comprehensive Keyword Integration: Through in-depth keyword analysis, we seamlessly incorporate relevant search terms, enhancing your content's visibility and ranking.
  • Cross-Platform Promotion: Our promotion extends beyond blogs, leveraging social media, newsletters, and other channels for wider content reach.
  • Can be published on your own blog or an external blog. 

*We offer a set of services that we know will help your blog rank well in search engines and drive traffic.
Content is subjective to everyone’s personal likes, so we have a process we know works and that we can offer a fair price doing in this way, but numerous revisions and deep personalization are not part of the particular service.

Discuss which plan is right for you.

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About Our SEO Blogging Services

ImageWorks has blogging plans customized specifically for your business. Our writers have experience in just about every industry, are thoroughly vetted, and always top tier talent.

We also leverage AI technology for topic generation and content guidelines that can be human-edited at an affordable price.

Our plans are topic-focused. First, we help you find a topic that is both interesting, helpful, timely, and likely to attract traffic. Once topics are chosen, we get to work writing the blogs and scheduling them for release. We take care of everything!

About Our SEO Blogging Services
Press Release Writing Services

Press Releases

Press Release Writing Services

Press releases are one of the most authoritative and highest-ranking content types on the web today. Paid press releases are ranked by Google as a very trusted resource, as they are considered part of the credentialed media.

You can pitch your release to all media outlets that cover your industry: blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio, and more.

It's hard to create a more authoritative content type about a specific “story” with live backlinks to your website than a paid press release.

Reasons to Draft a Press Release:

The threshold here is (and always has been): newsworthiness. What’s new or exciting for your business? That's relatively easy to do when you have creative minds behind your efforts! We help our clients think of topics and headlines that not only grab attention, but also help build the credibility of your organization.

  • Brand announcements (new logo, new website, new video, etc.)
  • Hirings or promotions within the company
  • New accounts or clients
  • New or modified service offerings
  • New products
  • New app, widget, tool, or media
  • Awards and industry recognition
  • New locations or expanded regional capabilities

The Cost of a Professional Press Release:

To pay for a service such as PRWEB or PRNewswire costs $150-$500 or more just for the release, depending on the exposure and SEO value.
We recommend the $300 level because they get the most awareness, pick-ups, and backlinks.
Next, you can either provide a news release to us and have us optimize it, or we can write it for you from scratch.

You should try to publish at least four press releases a year. Plan to budget around $1k-2k total per release depending on the exposure desired.

We have discounted plans when you buy four or more at a time.

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