Content Development

1 Important Tip for Creating Marketing Videos

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 29, 2019

The trend for marketing videos is one that keeps growing, and more and more businesses are adopting video creation and sharing as a part of their marketing plan. Whether you are creating your own videos or are hiring a creative team, there are a lot of factors to think about when creating them, and it can often be overwhelming for a beginner. It's a good idea to start slow when you're learning about something as complex as video marketing, avoiding learning a hundred new things at once.

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Build Better Bullet Points!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team December 08, 2016

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Let’s get to the point. The bullet point, that is. With all of the distractions and media bombarding people today, the master of the concise statement is the most effective communicator in the digital sphere. So what are the best tips and tricks of the copywriting trade?


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Link-Building and Content: The Right Combo for Getting Found Online

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 26, 2013

In a recent interview, Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting asked Google’s Matt Cutts a question that weighs heavily on the minds of today’s SEO professionals: “Is link building illegal?”

Google’s algorithm changes over the past few years have scared many a webmaster into believing that backlinks could be detrimental to his or her site.  No longer the basic SEO staple it once was, link-building has instead developed a reputation as risky behavior that Google is poised to punish.

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