convert website visitors into customers

8 Strategies to Convert Site Visitors into Leads

Posted by Prajina July 31, 2018

The folks over at Leadfeeder have put together a great article about strategies to convert visitors to your site into interested potential clients.

If you're interested, click here to read the article: How to Convert Website Visitors into Leads

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Advice for government contractors web sites and marketing

Attention Government Contractors: Don't Neglect Your Web Experience!

Posted by Jess December 10, 2014

How does the government find vendors? How does anyone find anything these days? We Google – and so does our government!

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SEO Penguin and Panda Updates

5 Signs Your Marketing Needs an Upgrade

Posted by Jess October 14, 2014

Chuck Palaniuk wasn’t talking about marketing when he wrote, “Never be boring,” but the adage certainly applies! Digital media is evolving at an exponential rate, and even the best marketers can’t afford to rest on their laurels for too long before launching something fresh.

Below we offer up five signs that your marketing is ready for an upgrade.

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Is Your Marketing Copy Reader-Friendly?

Posted by Jess September 30, 2013

Writing engaging copy for the web - or any other publication - is a challenge for many companies.  While it's true that you know your product best, all that inside knowledge may be spilling into your writing in a way that just doesn't resonate with readers. 

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New Site for Image Works Creative

Welcome to our new site!

Posted by Jess July 22, 2013

After several months of development, tweaking, and improvements, our brand new website has finally launched!  The new site is a great example of the modern, custom websites we build for our clients, focusing first and foremost on a providing a positive user experience (UX).  While we’re all delighted with the new site design, we would love to hear from you with any feedback – flattery and frust

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Top 5 Online Marketing Tactics for 2013

Posted by Jess June 25, 2013

Even Mad Men’s Don Draper would feel out of his element in today’s fast-paced marketing world.  New trends are always emerging, especially when it comes to building your brand and increasing your presence online.  That’s why we’ve created this brief look at the best marketing tactics modern businesses are using to get noticed and stay relevant.

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What Does Apple's New iPhone Teach Us About Small Business Marketing?

Posted by Scott February 7, 2013

One word. Evolve.

I had just opened my new iPhone 5 case to discover an entirely new charge adapter. I was not happy about this at all. I was already heavily invested in the old adapter “accessories” like chargers, clock alarms, games, Bose Audio devices, etc. Why the change?

Because it’s better.

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Google News for Government Contractors

Posted by December 27, 2012

Google recently retired UncleSam and other vertical specialty search engines that were popular among government contractors, but that doesn’t mean vendors should take it easy when it comes to search marketing.  While GSA schedules, preferred contractors, and other forms of inside networking may have been the key to making connections in the past, Google is now a likely resource for federal, sta

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