Internet Marketing

Your Online Spaces Deserve a Few Updates

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team April 16, 2020
Your website and social media profiles have rapidly increased in importance. If you've been putting off much needed updates and now don't know where to start, don't panic. We've laid out everything you need to do.
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Declutter Your Digital Strategy

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 24, 2020
What's on your spring cleaning to-do list? While you're washing your windows& scrubbing your baseboards, don't forget to turn your duster on your digital strategy. Here are 3 things that could use a bit of decluttering.
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Advice for government contractors web sites and marketing

Attention Government Contractors: Don't Neglect Your Web Experience!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team December 10, 2014

How does the government find vendors? How does anyone find anything these days? We Google – and so does our government!

While federal agencies continue to look at GSA  Schedules (and others) to find contractors, that only accounts for about 10% of all federal procurement spending. That means 90% is being sourced elsewhere, and the nation’s most popular search engine is a top resource.

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SEO Penguin and Panda Updates

5 Signs Your Marketing Needs an Upgrade

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 14, 2014

Chuck Palaniuk wasn’t talking about marketing when he wrote, “Never be boring,” but the adage certainly applies! Digital media is evolving at an exponential rate, and even the best marketers can’t afford to rest on their laurels for too long before launching something fresh.

Below we offer up five signs that your marketing is ready for an upgrade.

1. Stock photos have taken over your campaigns, and you aren’t using them ironically.

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Is Your Marketing Copy Reader-Friendly?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team September 30, 2013

Writing engaging copy for the web - or any other publication - is a challenge for many companies.  While it's true that you know your product best, all that inside knowledge may be spilling into your writing in a way that just doesn't resonate with readers. 

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New Site for Image Works Creative

Welcome to our new site!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 22, 2013

After several months of development, tweaking, and improvements, our brand new website has finally launched!  The new site is a great example of the modern, custom websites we build for our clients, focusing first and foremost on a providing a positive user experience (UX).  While we’re all delighted with the new site design, we would love to hear from you with any feedback – flattery and frustrations are both welcome!

In the meantime, here are some things you can expect to find on our new site:

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Top 5 Online Marketing Tactics for 2013

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 25, 2013

Even Mad Men’s Don Draper would feel out of his element in today’s fast-paced marketing world.  New trends are always emerging, especially when it comes to building your brand and increasing your presence online.  That’s why we’ve created this brief look at the best marketing tactics modern businesses are using to get noticed and stay relevant.

#1:  Email Marketing

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CAUTION! Don’t fall for those SEO solicitations in your inbox!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 18, 2013


SEO Spammers vs The “White Hat” Brigade

You know that your business depends on its website to connect with customers and create sales opportunities so it may get your attention when you see an unsolicited email making such claims as:

“We've noticed that your site isn't ranking as well as it could in major search engines, but we can get you first page rankings….”

It might surprise you to learn that even Google receives these emails!  They say: 

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