7 Killer 4th of July Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 02, 2018

Let's take a multiple choice quiz.

It’s almost the 4th of July, and that means you probably:

a) Have a ton of work to finish before Wednesday

b) Are super excited for the fireworks and fun

c) Need to come up with an awesome social media post & email campaign for the 4th of July

d) All of the above!

The IWC Team picked d, and to help out others in the same boat as we are, we decided to come up with this post to help you promote your business on the 4th of July!

But first, as always, some statistics.

According to a study performed by Experian in 2013, brands that offer incentives to customers during the two weeks before the 4th of July saw huge increases in open rates and transaction rates!

Those really are some incredible stats! Your business definitely wants some of that action. So without further ado, here are the 7 awesome posts to inspire your own campaigns for your small (or medium-sized) business.

1. Brit + Co’s On-Topic Themed Products

In this email, they’re promoting products that are red, white, and blue, which is both visually appealing and great marketing! Not only are they promoting according to theme, but they are also showcasing products which their customers may want to have to celebrate. If this email was sent at the right time, customers could purchase these products and have them by July 4th.

2. Nationwide’s Advice for Pet Owners

As an insurance company, Nationwide Pet understands how much owners care about their pets. This promotion of a blog post on tips to keep their pet safe is perfect for their audience! Again, the imagery is themed with red, white, and blue, and the post promotes special content which is relevant to the customer and to the holiday.

3. Mrs. T’s Pierogies’ Fireworks Inspired Fun

While this post doesn't promote anything specific to the 4th of July (unless you only eat pierogies on the 4th of July, which is a little weird but okay), it does a good job in grabbing the customer's attention and reminding them that their product exists. This kind of post is fun and engaging for fans of your business, and goes far in helping with brand awareness too.

4. Inkredible Home's Perfect Personalization

This is one of our favorite examples. Just like all the other examples, the theming and imagery is holiday-appropriate. But look at the personalization in this email! They found out the weather forecasts for each of their target areas and marketed products accordingly. For cooler weather, products that related to 4th of July prep for the home, and for warmer weather, products for outdoor parties.

5. Rover's Simple Reminder

This is brilliant—dog owners will need sitters on the 4th, and the bold text and call to actions stress urgency.

6. Bud Light's Fun Flags

This patriotic display is just too cool! This is a great reminder that your social media shouldn't be about selling all the time; you can have some fun too. It's fun for you and your followers, and brings more of that good ol' brand awareness.

7. BrylaneHome's Stylish Sale

This is a simple yet stylish example of a 4th of July email that will wow your customers. It pairs an eye-catching image with an equally eye-catching offer of "Savings up to 50%".

We hope this inspired you to create an awesome 4th of July campaign that your customers will love. Now go out there and create an awesome campaign!

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