7 Reasons NOT to Try Handling your Design

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team May 10, 2007

Whether the measure is cost, effectiveness or long-term ROI, outsourcing is the clear winner. If you want your brand to generate sales and profits, here are seven reasons to outsource:

1. Final Outcome - Profits as Proof. Agencies do not represent overhead to be justified. Agencies are deployed when the investment can be shown to generate profits, and they know they have to prove it every time. ImageWorks has a proven plan to combine image with message and smart marketing strategies to produce results. That result needs to be a solution that converts all your creative efforts into sales.

2. Track Record. How many brands has your in-house marketing person/team built and transformed into growth- and revenue-generators? Probably not many. The team at ImageWorks Creative has put hundreds of brands to work generating rewards for their companies.

3. Depth & Experience. Branding is a big job. One person can’t do it. It requires a first-rate team of marketing strategists, writers, designers, developers and media experts and many others. ImageWorks has them all, with well over 50 years of experience in management.

4. Cost. Hiring even a few experts in each of these fields will cost you well in excess of $300,000 a year. A creative agency like ImageWorks can offer turn-key solutions, including all services and products at a fraction of the cost of a lower-impact in-house solution.

5. Project Management. Every project gets a full-time project manager to assure fast and efficient communication and project fulfillment. Additionally ImageWorks has created a web-based project viewing, revision and approval system so you can check, collaborate and make changes to your projects 24/7.

6. Environment. Our managers are able to collaborate with all of our creative talent instantly via our proprietary job management system. It allows us to try out new ideas, critique each other’s work, analyze and improve strategies, brainstorm, etc. Additionally, ImageWorks has state-of-the-art hardware, network and software as well as a full network of professional vendors to assure marketing success. This quite simply isn’t available as an in-house option.

7. Truth. The job of an outside agency is to look at your organization objectively and tell you the truth about your strengths, weaknesses and needs. (We’re not afraid to tell the boss he or she is wrong!) It is well known that most companies have an “inside out” perspective of their business. As “outsiders,” ImageWorks is able to focus on the outside-in perspective – which is that of your customers.



ImageWorks Creative brings clients a team of experienced, top-of-the-line marketing professionals who wield creative excellence as a tool to drive sales and profits. Scott C. Margenau is president of ImageWorks Creative, an award-winning marketing and branding firm specializing in online and off-line media. Visit www.imageworkscreative.com for more info.

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