8 Famous Brands and their Rebranding Cost!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team August 23, 2010

Well you don’t have to spend like the BIG BOYS for a powerful brand….but here is some insight into what firms charge for some basic services….OUCH!

Here at ImageWorks we have TOTAL branding packages starting in the mid 5 figures, that deliver impressive results and eye-catching imagery.

Rebranding usually involves the updating of four core elements:

  • The logo and stationary design
  • Package and label design
  • Website Design
  • Designing the marketing campaign (Advertising, Billboards, Flyers, Girt Items)

The following are the branding costs of 8 famous brands that were rebranded at a fairly excessive cost:

Company Total Rebrand Cost
BP $211 million
Accenture $100 million
Posten $55 million
Starz $25 million
ANZ $15 million
BBC $1.8 million
Tranzlink $1.4 million
Pepsi $1 million

Below are some of the prices of exorbitant logo designs:

Organization Logo Cost
London Olympic Logo $600,000
BBC Three $600,000
City of Melbourne $240,000

For a complete listing of expensive rebrandings and logo redesigns, click here.

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