Are You Ready for Inbox 2.0?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team April 28, 2010

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The advent of the socially connected digital lifestyle has changed forever subscribers' expectations of the inbox as well as how brands will communicate and serve them. How is your e-mail marketing keeping up?

While I'm confident the inbox will continue to act as the "hub" for all digital communications, it's up to marketers to continue the advantage. The inbox is the first place consumers and business professionals go to catch up with personal connections, read news, be alerted to product availability and sales, and see who's contacted them via a social network. To stay at the center of the digital experience, e-mail marketers must create amazing subscriber experiences - built from strategic and respectful use of content, frequency, cadence, and customization. Subscribers will reward us with response, revenue, and positive sharing.

In the near future, however, this inbox hub may not look like or be accessed the same way. There is a trifecta of activity changing the inbox opportunity for both subscribers and marketers.

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