Bring Your Business into the NOW: The Mobile Marketing Guarantee

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 18, 2014

The world of marketing strategy has changed greatly in just the last five years or so. While before, a strategy might contain direct mail marketing and a website, today's market requires much more aggressive tactics. By shifting your marketing focus from desktop and real-life applications to one that is optimized for mobile consumption, you're effectively delivering what your clients want, where they want it. Whether it's tweeting out a quick bite of information or redesigning your graphics-heavy website, retooling your strategy to better fit mobile users could help you bring your business into the present, while planning for the future.

Social Networking

If your business doesn't have a Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram, you could be missing out on perfect opportunities to advertise your products and services. After all, potential customers are liable to check in on their social media accounts via mobile devices several times a day. Contrast that with perhaps checking Facebook once while on a desktop computer. By making sure you obtain and maintain social media accounts for your company, you increase the exposure you get by making sure customers see your brand several times per day, rather than once or twice or worse – only when they search for it.

Smaller, More Relevant Content

Content has always been king when it comes to driving customers to your business webpage. Whether you post videos, write articles or post pictures, content marketing has the potential to offer your customers something for free, which increases the chance they'll actually purchase something from you in the long run. Unfortunately, what once worked for desktop marketing is seriously outdated when it comes mobile marketing strategy. If it takes you too long to get to the point in an article, a video takes too long to load, or a slideshow causes a user's browser to crash, you'll lose valuable traffic. Instead, focus on smaller, more relevant bites of information that customers can grab easily while checking out your site or social media accounts.

Optimized Websites

It may be time to rethink the overall design of your website as you move into mobile territory. After all, the estimate is that 17 percent of web traffic is mobile and if your website is slow or clunky, you could miss out. Instead, choose mobile web design that's sleek, sophisticated and quick, or you'll risk users getting frustrated and bouncing. Alternatively, make sure that you have both a desktop version and a mobile version of your site so that users who want more information can toggle to the desktop site when they're on a computer rather than a mobile device – essentially the best of both worlds.

Changing Metrics

Keep in mind that the metrics for mobile users will read differently than when you utilized a desktop site. Mobile users have different behavior: in most cases, they have a high bounce rate because they can quickly nab the information they need and close out their browser while on the go. That's why it's important to structure your mobile marketing strategy around quick, accessible information. A high bounce rate isn't necessarily a negative number when it comes to giving mobile users exactly what they came for on your website.

Creating a more streamlined mobile marketing strategy isn't about stripping your site down to the bare bones, but making sure that it's effectively optimized for those accessing it via smartphones or tablets. The Web traffic based on mobile users is only projected to grow in the coming years, so prepping and optimizing now could help you grow your business and help your customers get what they want.  

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