Budgets Being Shifted to Search Marketing

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 13, 2008

Source: Advertising Age Fact Pack 2007. IntelliSurvey and Radar Research, Dec. 2006.

The biggest share of budgets for search engine marketing programs are shifted from offline marketing strategies (i.e. print, direct mail, TV, etc.) to search engine marketing. Below is the percentage of respondents who have shifted their budgets to search engine marketing.


Medium % Responding
Print Magazine Advertising 20%
Direct mail 16%
Web site development 15%
Print Newspaper Advertising 13%
TV advertising 13%
Affiliate marketing 10%
E-mail marketing 8%
Conferences and exhibitions 8%
Print yellow pages advertising 8%
Web graphical display advertising 8%
Online yellow pages advertising 3%
Point-of-sale promotions 3%
Coupons 2%
Other 23%
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