Building a Revenue Generating Brand

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team December 21, 2006

How can your "brand" create more revenue? By creating a powerful and compelling image that synchronizes your sales process with your customers’ buying habits. Sounds simple, but in order to make this happen collaboratively among all web and print media takes creativity, innovative ideas, foresight and finely tuned talent. ImageWorks Studio can help. If we build it, they will come.  

Fact #1: Customers perceive information differently. Today's customers are much more sophisticated in their buying processes. They have a vast amount of information to consider and can choose from dozens of options all at the click of a mouse. With over 80% of consumers visiting a company's web site BEFORE they make a purchasing decision - the image and message perceived from a customer's initial visit is critical to the sales process.  

Fact #2: A paradigm shift has altered customer's buying habits. ImageWorks has noticed a shift over the last 10 years in the way customers perceive information and in their buying process in general. The trend is common for most industries, because marketing essentially is the same, although it is certainly adjusted and customized per industry. Print media is less relied upon…and most forms of advertising and marketing lead to a "web visit" rather than a sales call, meeting or even an order being placed. The "web visit" must be factored in as a mandatory step before most sales can occur. Customer's sales processes and web sites should be altered accordingly. Successful marketing involves taking the time to discover what it is you do well and to exploit it in every media that projects your brand. It also involves making sure your selling process matches your customers' buying process. This is where persuasive content and imaging comes in.) Its starts with a basic premise written in the 1930s: --> “It is as useless to try to sell a man something until you have first made him want to listen as it would be to command the earth to stop rotating.” Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich What does this mean? It means you better build up a darn good “case” and create substantial interest in your product or service BEFORE you even try to explain how your customers can purchase it.

How does ImageWorks build brands? From the ground up. New companies and "experienced" companies alike need to update their brand continually. A powerful brand can't be abandoned and risk becoming "stale" through lack of updating and enhancements. Good brands are altered frequently to stay ahead of the competition and continually pique their customers' interests. McDonald's didn't have Chicken Nuggets and Garden Salads in 1975, and Gatorade had only two flavors…they updated their brand, enhanced their products and perception of those products…and continue to do so every year. Branding is about the total customer experience, and therefore must engage every aspect of customer communications. "Branding is about more than the sock puppet. It's about the total customer experience. Companies haven't focused on the entire package." Kelly Dixon, director of e-branding at Accenture in Chicago. With over 12 years of hands on experience with SMEs and Large Businesses, ImageWorks has developed a unique result-oriented branding methodology, here's a brief overview:

  • Our system relies heavily upon your web site being the primary marketing and sales tool. The web site must be more than just informative, it must be compelling and set a sales procuring cycle in action.
  • We also rely on powerful and alluring brand development including well thought out designed media, advertising and marketing ideas (print, web, exhibit & PR) that attract prospects to your web site/office and/or phone.
  • Lastly we rely on a database marketing system that focuses on selling to the 80% of customers that represent the “just looking” percentage, as well as up-selling existing customers and generating referrals and repeat business. (The 20% representing the “buy now” percentage will already be in contact with you!)


Direct Benefits: Increased response - Up to 10 times more on most advertising efforts! Higher conversion rates - More customers will be attracted to and impressed with your “brand.” You will meet their buying habit needs through your intuitive approach. Trackable results - Track your prospects and watch them become customers. Bigger profits - More customers combined with building an overwhelming interest through your brand and message will lead to increased profits. Generates substantial Repeat and Referral sales!

By Scott Margenau

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