Building Trust with Logos & Graphic Design

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 25, 2013

Your website is like a storefront, the face your business presents to any potential customer who finds you online, in search engine results, on a local directory, in ads, or by remembering the URL from your offline marketing materials.  In order to succeed, you want to make sure that your business presents itself as trustworthy and reliable.  

One of the fastest ways to build credibility is to have a logo and website design that reflects the image you want to convey to your audience.  Website Magazine is currently featuring an excellent article that explains Source Credibility Theory, the rationale people use to determine whether or not they will trust a source enough to provide personal information or make a purchase.  

A credible logo isn't just memorable - it's a logo with a message.  For example, a technology company needs a logo with a modern, cutting-edge appearance.  A cleaning service needs a logo that looks fresh and tidy.  A travel site will want to use a logo that reflects motion and mobility.  No matter what sort of business you have, your logo and accompanying website can be designed to convey your message.  

An on-target logo builds your credibility among visitors and prospects.  If your site is bland, out-of-date, or simply irrelevant, people will quickly click away to search for better options.  The graphic design of your site needs to be trustworthy in order to keep your visitors interested enough to continue reading.  

For more about the psychology behind Source Credibility Theory, check out Using Graphic Design to Increase Visitor Response.   Or, request a meeting with our graphic design experts to find out how to make your logo and website design work for you!

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