Is a color just a color?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team September 23, 2010

The following is an article from Fuel You Creativity by Chad Engle.

For centuries color has been used to provide distinction between classes, businesses, kings, courts and everything else in between. So what exactly is in a color? Does it matter that purple has been used in connotations with royalty? Does it matter that most fast food places logos are red to stimulate your appetite?

So a color is a color, right? Not exactly. This article displays a few examples with switched color palettes. Do you think the brand still looks the same? Does it give off the same vibe/aura in a different color?  See for yourself...

So if colors are “just colors” these logo changes give you the same feelings, right? Starbucks stills feels warm and earthy in blue… Facebook is cool and collected in red. NASA feels less intelligent and more juvenile… And adobe… well, it’s a bit shocking to see a different color palette to icons whose color we rely. Many would mistake Photoshop for Flash in that color palette.

So, remember colors aren’t just colors…they require as much research as your entire brand.

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