The Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 08, 2019

Like most breakthrough industries, social media was a very crowded space for sometime as companies fiercely battled for user attention and retainment. Today, the storm has somewhat cleared and the average American user is only active on three platforms, primarily Facebook and their 2012 addition, Instagram. With their upcoming integration with Facebook owned, WhatsApp, more user data will be collected through conversations along with brand engagements. Facebook along with its neighboring social platforms are entering an unprecedented age of undervalued user data collection that is sitting there for marketers to act on. The problem for most people is understanding how to collect, measure, and structure a plan to maximize the potential of their social campaigns.

In this guide, shows us how to accurately define our audience, collect and interpret social data, and steadily improve our audience/customer experience. Click here to download the free guide.


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