How to Create Engaging Content In a "Boring" Industry

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 13, 2019

Companies can find it difficult to create and share content that is relevant to their business without boring their audience, especially when working in an “all-the-same” industry. From this common issue, many companies will conclude that there is no point in creating content if no one will engage with it. This is the easy way out. Creating interesting content for your products or services does not have to be this hard. With the right mindset, coming up with new ideas for sharable content is very doable. Dennis Shiao from Content Marketing Institute shows us how to create appealing content for products and services that ultimately create more leads and revenue for your business. He breaks it down into three areas where businesses experience difficulty and how to approach them. Backed by real business examples, Dennis shows how to create content for businesses who identify their associated industries as Boring, Complex, and Differentiated. Read the full post on CMI here.

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