Does Google's Algorithm Changes Affect Innocent Bystanders? [Infographic]

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team February 29, 2012

Are you a fan of the idea of a free market? Whether you are or not, it's taking place on the Internet right now as we speak - and has been ever since the Internet first launched so many years ago. The Internet is the biggest frontier in terms of business. Virtually anything is possible.

There is an everlasting battle between what Google defines as good content and what SEO's are able to get to rank at the top of the search engines through highly developed techniques. One of the biggest battles that have ever been is the battle between Google and what is known as content farms, which are websites whose main goal is to mass produce content in hopes of making money with adverts.

Google fights these battles by penalizing sites who they deem use bad SEO tactics either manually or by default through an algorithm updates (the system that Google uses to rank websites in their search engine). This battle with the content farms was won by the search engines through the algorithm update called Panda.

“Every time there is an algorithm change a new opportunity presents itself for SEO's and people in the Internet marketing industry.”

Online, Google presents itself as the third party between you and the Information that the world of the Internet has to offer. It is the tool we use to find out anything and everything every single day. As this medium, Google’s "goal" is to provide the most relevant websites information to everyone that is using their search platform. However every time Google tries to take down some form of SEO that involves "gaming the system," it seems as though they take down a lot of innocent bystanders along the way.

Are Google's results getting more relevant - more fine-tuned?

Thank you to SEOBook and for providing the following infographic.

Google's Collateral Damage.

Infographic by SEO Book

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