Email Automation with a Hint of Humility

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 06, 2017

Automation is an essential approach to maximizing your business' productivity and efficiency! With automation, your business stays clocked in even when you're clocked out. However, most of the businesses that utilize automation, end up morphing into sales driven robots that lack humility.

If your business specializes in B2B, chances are your prospects are receiving hundreds of sales pitches a day!

So how are you going to differentiate your business from the pack?

The answer is humility.


Why Humility?

In B2B you may be communicating with individuals that range from Corporate CEOs to Mom & Pop Restaurant owners! However, something that all these individuals have in common is that they are people, human beings that have taken time out of their busy lives to open your Email!


Your Nurturing List is NOT a Sales Blast!

Many B2B businesses overlook the importance of utilizing their nurturing list for its intended purpose. It’s important to let your clients get their feet wet before they jump into your business’ services. By blasting sales propositions to your nurturing list, you are destroying your chance at achieving the maximum potential of your nurturing list.


Nurturing 101

Welcome and Thank them for Subscribing – Reach out to your subscribers and give them a nice warm thank you for showing interest in your business! Give them a brief description of what they should expect from your Emails, and how often they will be receiving them. Remember, first impressions go a long way.

Provide Conveying, Useful, Informative Content – Before making your subscribers offers, provide the content to grasp their attention and increase recognition of your business. By providing them with content you will be adding humility to your Automation as they see your Emails are informative, useful, and not aggressive sales pitches.

Slowly begin to introduce services – Now that you have gauged their interest, begin to include brief descriptions of services your business offers associated with the content you provide them. Keep in mind these are not offer Emails! You are giving your subscribers a chance to dip their toes into the pool of services your business offers. It is essential to record which subscribers are clicking service buttons and their average click-through-rate as you will be using this data to create the perfect offer Email!

Send Offers based on their interests! – Using the data, you have collected from nurturing your potential clients, you can now create highly targeted Offer Emails based on services they’ve shown interest in!


Automation with Imageworks Creative

 Here at Imageworks Creative, we take Automation and create humility based Email campaigns for your business! We house award-winning, talented marketing professionals that will help you every step of the way in creative content creation. We boast web design professionals that can custom code you an Email Template that will ensure your brand's image from design!

For Email automation, we have partnered up with Mail Chimp and integrate their easily navigable Email Automation that provides us with major data points to track and record essential information to maximize your nurturing list!


Automate with Imageworks Creative and take the humility approach! 

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