Email Editor Name Contest

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team December 19, 2008

How can a creative agency run out of ideas? When we use them all up on our clients.  The truth is, when it comes to spending creative energy on our own company, we sometimes feel like we're laced with creative kryptonite. We are rendered useless.  We need your help.

ImageWorks is announcing the launch of our new email editor.  It's the email editor that needs a name.

Let us tell you about it.

We all receive emails from companies we trust (and others we don't).  Some of these emails look great and others, well - not so great.  Some of the best looking and most effective emails are created to match a company's brand image. So you  have two options:  Use an online template and slap your logo on it (not so great).  Or pay to have a custom email designed and coded into html. Obviously we recommend the later but unless you know how to edit the html file you're relegated to paying your design firm every time you want to send out a new email campaign. 

This is where our product comes in.

Our (Soon-to-be-Named) email editor allows you to upload the custom-designed html file we create for your brand and edit that file via our easy online editing tool.  With this, you can make changes to your title, date, name, buttons, links, headers, images, body content, footers and whatever else it is programmed to do.  When you're done, you simply push a button to generate an html file that can then be used to email your freshly designed custom email using the email client of your choice, including any widely available self-serve email marketing websites, such as Vertical Response.

Got the idea?  Great! Send us Your Name Ideas!

We are offering a $100 donation to Accordia Global Health Foundation, or your favorite charity, and $50 gift card of choice for the winner! Best of luck.  

Please send your name ideas to [email protected]

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